Your wedding album is the most important piece of the puzzle in your wedding package. It brings everything together into one beautifully designed story. Technology may change but you can always view your album. That is why I put a lot of emphasis on the album for every wedding I photograph. Below you can dive into some of the details of our books from the beautiful cover options to the perfectly printed images on the page.


There are a ton of different covers to pick from. We have everything from more traditional leather covers to more eclectic options like you see above. You can also select from several specialty covers that include: printed to Metal, a plexi glass sealed image, see through cover, or canvas wrap around cover.


Which ever one you go for you will not be disappointed. With my album builder cover ipad app, I can show you several options and combinations so that we can pick out what looks best.


In addition to those two categories you can also take the traditional look of a leather cover and spice it up with an accent strip of another leather or fabric as well image cut outs.


The album design process starts quickly after your wedding. I custom design every album from scratch myself. The design is not just about throwing images into an album, but telling a story chapter by chapter of your day. The initial album design is normally ready for you to see about 2-3 weeks after your wedding.


Once you see the initial design, you can decide what pages you would like to keep, or if any fine tuning is needed like swapping out a few images. If you can not review this design in person, I also use an online tool that will allow us to look at the album page by page and you can even leave notes that will be sent to me of your thoughts or any changes that are needed. The process of finishing the album and getting it to press is very simple.


The beauty of my design process is that I am not just your photographer, but also your book designer. I take the stress away of having to make all of the hard decisions to pick out all of the initial images and the ones that work well together, and do all of the heavy lifting for you. You can then come in and together we can make the final tweaks to the album as needed. Production once sent for printing takes about 3 weeks.


So yes, while other people might be waiting 6 months or more for their photographer to even show them the finished images, you can have your finished album in your hands in a matter of weeks!


All of my albums are protected and guaranteed by the printing company for the life of the album. If anything should happen that is not owner related (such as if your dog tries to eat it), they will cover it's repair.


These albums are printed and assembled by hand by one of the best album companies in the country. They are made to last. I spent the better part of a year pouring over album companies to find what I feel is the very best available.


A great quality album is all about the details. A few of the things that I love are:

   -  As you can see in the photo to the right, there are no break

      lines in the center of my albums. This allows me to design

      across the page as needed for visual effect.

   -  As you can see below the albums use a nice sturdy page

      backing that gives it durability and makes it easy to page


   -  The binding of the albums is absolutely stunning

   -  Modern, classic, or a bit of a mix of both

   -  Specialty covers like metal, plexi glass, see through, and


   -  Quality that is guaranteed!

   -  While other photographers settle for just giving you a disc or

       having your images live on facebook, an album will never

       change in technology to where you can no longer view it

       (need we mention VHS tapes?). You deserve the best!


Below in this video clip you can check out a live page by page showing of a beautiful album of one of our past couples. This was filmed just prior to mailing out the album to the couple. They decided to take their entire album "as is" as it was designed. For this they received a special discount on their remaining extra pages and off to the presses it went.


This album also features the very cool specialty cover of the see through plexi glass. This allows the first page of the album to shine through the transparency of the plexi cover. You can see how neat it looks with the bold image that we used for their first page. Enjoy!


Below you can page through some sample images from various albums that I have done in the past. A full swatch collection is also presented to you during the design period to help you decide on which cover options that you prefer.


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I am inspired by light, movies, music, and individual personalities. People watching fascinates me which is why I think I love photographing natural moments.


Scranton based wedding photographer, Jeff Dietz is an International award winner, focusing on photojournalism and fashion style wedding coverage. Available for national or international destination weddings, as well as local areas such as Wilkes Barre, Dallas, Clarks Summit, Binghampton, Allentown, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and West Palm Beach, FL