Day 12 – Story of the Image: My most popular image still today

grooms wedding coverage wilkes barre pa grace ormonde
Still my most recognized image of the Groomsmen before the ceremony in Wilkes Barre Pa – Multiple Award winning, featured: Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine


Boy, what can I say about this image? Photographed in 2008, it still remains one of my most recognizable photos. It is amazing how some of these images that become so cool are ones that were almost not taken.

I was at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Wilkes Barre Pa covering the guys before the ceremony. We were sitting around with a few more minutes before I had to take off and we were in the hotel lobby. I noticed a fancier looking chair and had an idea to do an image featuring the groom in a very GQ style including his groomsmen, but in a way that doesn’t necessarily show them off. Using the groomsmen as more of a background prop to frame the groom.

At the time the only lighting that i had with me was two small flash light style video lights. The lighting in the lobby was horrible as most lobbies are so I wanted to turn off the lights and create my own. Unfortunately there was no light switch for the lobby, so what were we to do? Well, unscrew the light bulbs in the ceiling of course. With the help of the groomsmen we quickly unscrewed the light bulbs that would be visible in the photo.

I posed the groomsmen around the chair and gave the groom the instruction to, act like the boss, in control but relaxed at the same time (or something to that effect as I can remember it now)

And thus this shot was created. It went on to put me as runner up for Photographer of the Year with the DWF international competition for the Portraits section, featured on the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers Website as a category winner, and featured on the Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine website in their Photo Galleries section 

I love to let the guys have fun in my wedding photos and feel like they are being featured in one of the mens magazine like Vogue or GQ and they always have a lot of fun as well.

So there is the story of one of my favorite photos. What do you think? Leave your comments below and like us on facebook!

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