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I write with great news. 4 more images placed in the image contest held by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)

One of the images from Jake and Jennifer’s wedding even placed SECOND! In the category of Bridal Party Portraits. The image was of the guys before the ceremony, photographed at the Westmoreland club in Wilkes Barre, PA. It is always an honor to have images place in these competitions.

Being a member of the ISPWP has been a real joy. It is so much different then so many of the other organizations like WPPI, WPPA, that basically accept any photographer that pays the dues. To be an ISPWP member you must first be voted on an accepted by other members of the organization based on your skills as a photographer.

Now, I will be the first to tell you that I do not seek to win awards, and very rarely even enter my images into contests. I feel my number 1 goal is always to please the couples that I work with at our weddings in Scranton, Clarks Summit, Wilkes Barre, Philadelphia and all across the country. When a couple loves their wedding album and their images, that is all the award that I need.

That being said, it’s always fun to put your work up against others in the business, especially in such an international way, and see how you stack up. This contest has marked the third time in which we have come home with multi images placing and I hope to continue to provide this level of photography and creativity to every single couple and wedding that I work with!

Below are the images that placed and their categories.

2nd place - Bridal Party Portrait
Category: Bride Portrait
Category: The Decisive Moment
Category: Movement and Motion
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