The Tear – Photographed at the Highlands at Newberry estates in Dallas PA


One of most popular images over the years, this image was photographed during the Ceremony at the Highlands at Newberry Estates in Shavertown PA.

If you are not familiar with the Highlands they have an outdoor area that is sunk down a bit and surrounded by wooded trees. I took this image while being pretty far in the bushes. I saw this image starting to happen as she was giving the vowels to her husband. I made sure to stay with her and I waited for this perfect moment to happen and snapped the photos.

There were very few images of the groom during the vowels, because THIS was the most important photo. You can also see my choice to turn this image to black and white. That was definitely a solid decision. Had I left this image in color all of the trees behind her would have been a distraction to your eye. Making it black and white, besides making it timeless, has a way of making you concentrate on the emotion of the image. The tear coming down her cheek as wella s the smile that she can’t hold back.

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