DAY 24 – BOOKING TIPS: Book early and save!

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Not getting married until 2014 or later? Well it’s never too early to book your wedding photographer and you may find you can save a lot by doing so.

Of course I can only speak for myself and how I run my studio. When a couple books their wedding, they are immediately locked into the current prices. This means if they book in 2013 for their 2013, 2014 or 2015 wedding they are able to lock in the prices as they are now. Since prices do tend to go up year to year, if prices went up in 2014 and you booked in 2013, you can still take advantage of having those lower prices for your wedding.


“Let’s get serious. If you’re planning a wedding and Jeff Dietz is available, hire him. Do not hesitate, think it over, meet with other photographers, compare pricing packages, or discuss it with loved ones. Doing so would just be wasting your time, and Jeff will have signed with another, luckier, more decisive couple. And you will instead spend the next 50 years looking at the wedding pictures your Cousin Gertrude took with her iPhone.”

– Jimmy & Erin 2011 Wedding Couple


Of course the other concern is will the photographer that you really want still be available? The sooner you book you have a greater chance of securing the wedding professionals that you want. Once you have your date set and reception location booked, it is a great idea to have your wedding photographer be the next thing that you finish off your list.

Wouldn’t it also be nice to have one major decision off of your plate early? Wedding photography for the people that hire us is one of the most important things for their day as it is the thing they will have for the rest of your life. Having that chunk done early, you can set back and relax on a lot of the other points of your wedding for a few months.

We use an online booking site that allows you to book your wedding online and it will immediately book your date. You can sign your contract online and also pay your retainer payment.

If you want to book a meeting to come and talk in person or via skype video click here

P.S. blog posting is one of the greatest procrastination tools to take a break from cleaning your house :). So do the same and leave comments 🙂

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