Jeff Dietz Photography is a luxury portrait brand based in McKinney Texas and serving all of the Dallas Fort Worth area. We specialize in a celebrity magazine experience for the everyday person. You are here because you answered the posting for our model call out as we grow a new style of our portraits for couples. Congrats you are a finalist to receive a $500 gift certificate to come in and experience what we have to offer.

I decided to make this quick reference web page to answer a lot of the questions I have been getting all in one place. If I missed something please let me know. Of course we will be doing a pre-shoot consultation phone call with you if you are ready to proceed further to learn a lot more about you as a couple.


What you need to do on your part

All of these steps below are a mandatory part of our process and helps insure that we create the most amazing photos and experience with you.


Dallas engagement photographer Mckinney photos by the bar

1. Discovery Process & Planning Phone Call

2. Photography Session - 1-2 hours

3. Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup

4. Attend The Premiere & Design Presentation of your photos

5. Tell others and spread the word

What is Included from Us?

1. $500 Gift Certificate

This gift certificate can be used towards your session fee and artwork purchase. It’s not redeemable for cash and must be used all in one session.

2. Awesomeness

You will get my full professional experience and talent of over 13 years in the photography industry. My ultimate goal is for you to love everything you see and want to tell others about what we can do for them. 

3. Guidance

I am here to help you through the entire process to look and feel your best. I will help you with wardrobe selection, hair and makeup ideas (and if you want to use our pro team), posing at the shoot itself, as well as helping you with the selection if your finished artwork. 

What are the costs?

dallas prom with date in Faviana dress


$250 – Weekday
$300 – Weekend
This includes pre and post meetings, and the photo session time itself.

(refundable at the session, or apply towards artwork)


8×12 prints start at $150 each. We have wall art pieces starting at $500 and wall art & print collections starting at $900

There is no obligation to purchase beyond your gift certificate value if that is what you choose. 


All details that are fit to print that I might have missed elsewhere.

1. What do I wear?
We will discuss this with you during your phone call but, I am hoping for everyone to have available one fancier outfit like a well-fitted suit and gown (like you might wear to a nice event or wedding or cocktail), as well as a more casual yet fashion-forward look. Vanity Fair is a great inspiration for the look we are going for. You are responsible for your own wardrobe and being able to provide something that fits what we are looking for. 
2. What about hair and makeup? How much does your pro team cost?
Right now our professional hair and makeup team, who knows how to specifically look your best for a camera, is $125 for hair and makeup together per person. (normally just the ladies). I am also currently negotiating some special deals for these shoots, so ask me about that and it may be possible.
3. Do I have to buy anything? 
No. there is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything above your gift certificate. The amount allows that you will be able to walk away with at least one piece of beautiful artwork for your time. The rest is up to you. Would I love for you to purchase more? Of course! This means you love what we created together.
4. If I do want to buy something, what do people normally spend?
This varies greatly of course person to person and what type of artwork you like. Some people spend several hundred and some several thousand. The best way to talk about this is in your pre-shoot phone call where I can give you more personal quotes on the items you love the most.
5. When are these shoots and where?
We will be photographing these over the next two weeks. So yes, that means act fast. They will all be at my home-based studio in McKinney Texas near the border of Frisco.
6. What artwork do you recommend?
Again this varies from person to person and your personal style. We will help you select the piece that will look the best in the area you wish to display it. I can help you more on our phone call. Personally, I love to see people get at least one wall art piece that becomes a cherished treasure proudly displayed in your homes, and then maybe something like an album or portrait box for additional photos.
7. Do you do couples boudoir?
Yes! What is this you ask? Well, it’s like a boudoir shoot (in our fashion like style), just with a couple. And it’s tons of fun. Ask me about adding this for a set during your session. 18 and older of course.
8. I have never been photographed before, is this a problem?
Zero problem. A large percentage of the people I photograph and you see on my website has never been photographed before. 
9. Can the kids be in it? 
Typically, yes. For this project shoot, however, I am accepting very few families as I am trying to make this series more about the couples and people celebrating and reconnecting with each other. 
10. What’s the catch? Why are you doing this?
No catch. It’s just a way for me to find people to help with our new couples photos, help spread the word about what I do, and it gives you the opportunity to come in and experience it at no cost obligation to you. If you end up loving the photos and you want to purchase more, that is great as well!
11. What is your referral program, and what can I earn?
For each person you send our way who books with us, you will receive a credit that you can use towards a future photo shoot and artwork with us. Sometimes we give out cash and gifts as well.
12. Do you do online proofing?
We do not offer online proofing. We offer a more hands-on luxury experience and we simply can not do that and provide a higher level of customer service without it being in person at our photo premieres. 
13. Does my partner need to be at the ordering appointment? 
It is highly recommended that they do. In general, anyone that is going to be a decision maker in a purchase should be at the ordering session so we have no delays and can finish everything right then and there. Also, of course, we want your partner to experience the joy of seeing their photos for the first time as well. It really is one of the best parts!
14. Why is there a booking fee? 
This just simply allows us to block off and reserve the time on our calendar. With how busy we are, we can’t have no shows in the schedule, and this helps prevent that. Again, this amount is refunded at your session, or you can apply it towards any artwork purchase
15. Do you retouch the photos?
Absolutely. Everyone needs a little retouching. Blemish removals and all that jazz. We do not do body morphing, however. That is what proper lighting and posing are all about.
16. So what do you do with the photos?
We use them in our promotional materials, website, facebook, and Instagram, in studio samples and other forms of marketing. For any shoots involving nudity that is normally reserved for showing people who are interested in booking a similar photoshoot. 
A full model release is required to take part in these shoots as part of the deal.



All fields required

(214) 998-7001

Bookings are on a first come first serve basis. Your booking fee payment of $50 +tax is due at sign up. Prints, artwork, hair/makeup are additional cost

Finished Artwork

Below are some examples of some of our most popular finished art pieces. Be it artwork for your wall, to set out on a coffee table, or even display in your office, these will look amazing

Wall Art

Metal Prints

canvas engagement photography artwork living room


Acrylic Prints

Luxury Print Boxes

The luxury print boxes are absolutely stunning. You have your choice of one of two box types. The first is the all polished wood box with a glass top that you see pictured to the right. It is lined with a beautiful black felt and features piano hinges. It also has a lock that it allows for the box to safely stand up and showcase one of the photos through the top glass.

The other option is a box that looks similar but that is wrapped in the finest Italian Leather. 

Both box options come in your choice of White or Black. Boxes are included with the purchase of 10 or more matted prints.

Custom Leather Albums

These beautiful handmade leather albums make a great compliment to your wall art collections. They present a different option for you then the Luxury Print Boxes and come with many cover options to pick from. 

These albums are a finished bound album with genuine photographic prints that will look amazing displayed in your home. 

Also, ask us about our album display stands. 


Jeff Dietz Photography reserves the right to refuse this offer to anyone for any reason. It is only valid for the time period of the photo shoot promotion. It is not redeemable for cash and is not transferrable. A full model release is required to participate. You are responsible for your own wardrobe and hair and makeup unless hiring our professional team. Hair & makeup fee is due at time of booking if using our team. The gift certificate only includes the amount listed, and what you purchase with that amount. It does not include additional photographs or any rights to additional photographs that have not been purchased. You must be 18 or older to participate. 
You are required to participated in all pre and post shoot meetings including the photo premiere and ordering appointment. Only one ordering appointment is included and additional appointments are $250 each. The $50 booking fee is required at booking to hold your date and time. It is fully refundable ONLY by attending the scheduled session, or can be applied towards artwork purchase. Photographer is not responsible if you do not show up on time for your scheduled session.
Be cheery, be respectful, be awesome. Thank you

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