The Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience

Like Stepping Out of a Magazine

We specialize in magazine inspired High School Senior pictures and sports portraits. Inspired by some of the best photography in the world like seen in Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, we strive to make this truly an amazing experience. 


Are you tired of boring senior portraits that don't represent your personality?

So are we. Don’t worry we are getting rid of all of that. The very first thing we do is to sit with you to learn what YOU would love from your Dallas senior pictures experience! It’s all about you. 

Every Portrait Experience Includes

– Complimentary Consultation – to listen to what you would truly love for your senior pictures, plan your photoshoot, and map out the details
The Photoshoot – Unlimited outfits, with approximately 2 hours of session time
– Photo Premiere and Design – A few days after your session to help you select your finished artwork and items you would love to have.

* Special for the Ladies *

Professional hair & makeup – From our team who knows how to creat on camera looks

Wardrobe consultation – Let us help you select the perfect outfits that fit your style as well as compliment your look

* Special for the Guys *

Suit Included: Come pick out a brand new suit with the help of our experts. A great fitting suit looks awesome, and it’s something you can keep to use for up coming college and work interviews

Dallas senior pictures Mckinney high school senior prom dress terry costa

What makes Jeff Dietz Photography different?

* Attention to detail *
* The best customer service *
* Master of lighting *
* World class quality of artwork *

Dallas Fashion portraits in a field in Mckinney texas

Studio or on Location

It’s your decision as to the look and style you would like for your pics. Our studio, at our home in McKinney Texas, is right off the corner of Independence Parkway and Westbridge Rd. In the studio, we have several backdrops that we can match to your wardrobe choice, as well as all the studio lighting we would ever need and various things to pose and sit on. Remember, that our style is going to be like a Hollywood or model photo shoot.

If you decide to go outside on location, the ideas are really endless. There are local parks in both McKinney and Frisco as well as being able to use local athletic fields at your schools for the sports portraits. You likely have ideas for outdoors that we haven’t even thought of. We encourage you to discuss this at our consultation and think of areas that have a special meaning to you. We can actually go anywhere in the world for an outdoor photo shoot (some travel costs may be added). And when we mean anywhere in the world, we are not kidding. What about going to Venice Italy, Barcelona, or Paris France for your senior portraits? We have a passport and are ready to go!

Look & Feel of Your Senior Pictures

We specialize in a fashion and magazine style of portraits. What on earth does that mean? The best way to describe it is they are inspired by fashion magazines like GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Sports Illustrated and others. 

Master of Photographic Lighting

The lighting plays a big role in the look and feel of this style of senior pictures. We have studied for over 15 years to become a master of lighting portraits, having learned from some of the best photographers in the world, even including someone that worked alongside Annie Leibovitz. I have always been inspired by the great portrait photographers of our time like Richard Avedon, Joey L, Irving Penn and others. Proper lighting can make or break a photograph, as well as the pose, wardrobe, and expression. 

mckinney north sports photos girls volleyball

Say Goodbye to Boring Athletic Portraits

When we looked around at what others were doing for high school sports in the area, it was either very posed and uniform in nature or was made up of a composite with a ton of photoshop work. We wanted to present something different.

A clean, timeless photograph, that looked like it could be published tomorrow in your favorite magazine

Photographs modeled after the ideas we would see in GQ with athletes mixing together the worlds of fashion and sports.

The styling, and lighting is just spot on to present a luxury feel to your sports portraits. As we know, sports are a very important part of a Texas High School students life. These shoots are perfect for both seniors and juniors.

Senior Guys should have fun to!

Photographing men, and truly giving them a luxurious and fun experience that they will love, really is something that is overlooked in the industry. Men are treated as if they don’t care about the photoshoot. We believe differently. We believe that men, just like women, want to have fun with their Dallas senior pictures 

Let’s be honest, they want to look good! 

Did we mention that when you book a guys senior portrait session with us, it includes a brand new suit? Absolutely!


The completion of your photo experience with us is with the presentation of your photographs at the photo premiere. Here we will help you select your favorite photographs and design artwork that will live in your home forever. We have everything to offer from absolutely stunning Wall Art collections and individual art prints to handmade Italian leather albums and print boxes. We even have our team in Italy hard at work on a product line specifically for our company that is certainly going to wow you!

photo of studio showroom of artwork in mckinney texas for senior pictures

Sign up for your free consultation

The best way for us to get started is to plan a time to have a conversation on the phone, or to schedule for you to come by and see our design gallery and all of the amazing artwork options that we have available.

All times are by appointment. We are located on the border of McKinney and Frisco near Independence High School and Heritage.

We are excited to meet you!

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