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Just a few of our images we created that were used for a conference in Dallas Texas in large format display prints

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Brands and businesses are taking advantage of trade shows and conferences as the perfect place to offer event headshots. It enables companies with a large, geographically diverse workforce to get stunning and consistent headshots while also allowing conference organizers or sponsors to provide incredible value while generating leads. Here’s why you want to add headshots to your event:

Whether you need event headshots for your team during an annual meeting or you are looking to add incredible value for event attendees while generating leads, our team can help. Contact Us today to find out more and book us for your event.

Dallas isd headshot photographer

event headshots pricing

Pricing for event and high-volume headshots is by half day/full day. Half-day is up to four consecutive hours, full day is up to eight consecutive hours with one 45 minute break for a meal. Each headshot station is able to photograph as many as twenty people per hour. All headshot packages include basic lead collection and white-label service to feature sponsors.

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Pricing for event headshots and high-volume headshots is by half day/full day. Half-day is up to four consecutive hours, full day is up to eight consecutive hours with one 45 minute break for a meal. Each headshot station is able to photograph as many as twenty people per hour.


some other questions you might have about Event headshots:

Dallas team and staff headshots for big and small businesses and corporations

how many people can you provide event headshots?

You can expect that providing headshots at your event will be very popular. Maybe the most popular thing there. Who doesn’t like something for free that can help their business career? 

We recommend the headshot station to be in a highly visible location at your event which will encourage more people to take part. 

A safe way to estimate numbers is to expect the ability to capture 20 people per hour. Some times we will be able to do more than that. A full days coverage can typically handle between 200 to 300 people. 

Also check our our team and staff headshots where we can come right to your office. 

do the event headshots need retouching?

Where most people will use the headshots from these events will be for their linkedin profiles and other online accounts. Therefore it’s not necessary to have retouching for the images. 

A great option is to opt to have retouching an option that they can add at the time of their sign in that they can pay for themselves as an extra. This way we are still proving it for those people who feel they need it, while still allowing everyone else to get their photos from the event right away. 

Our helpful staff can process all of those payments right ath the time of their check in. 

how are the images delivered?

All images are renamed with the person’s first and last name. This makes them easy to search for but also allows our system to organize for easy delivery. From there you have a few options depending on what you selected in your booking with us. We can deliver by way of a bulk download website or can even send the files direct to people’s individual contacts and phones. 

How amazing for the people attending your event to get a text message shortly after telling them their photo is ready to download! Your event will be a hit.

do you also offer display and marketing photos for the event?

Absolutely! Creative editorial content is one of our favorite things to photograph. Of course, this is something that we will need to plan for well before your event so that it can be planned, photographed, edited and delivered for print either through your partners or by us. 

As you can see in the photo, there is nothing too large for us to handle. Different uses for this type of photography could include: Event displays and banners, on screen images for your presentation, advertising photos to promote the event ahead of time, billboard images, and social media content. 

Due to the nature of this work, all quotes are custom to your needs. Fill out the form below so we can discuss your needs in detail and get you a quote that we are sure you will love. Contact us here

do attendees just line up for headshots or can they make an appointment?

Both! We can operate a headshot station on a first-come, first-served basis as well as allow advanced scheduling for executives or VIPs. We recommend a mix of both. That way, your team members can update their headshots without waiting in line and other attendees can take advantage of the experience. 

We know some people you will want to plan for, such as VIPs and others will want to get involved once they see everyone else having fun. Our systems will allow for both.

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