Bechan - Dallas Botanical Garden - Model Photoshoot

Fashion photoshoot at the Dallas Botanical Gardens and Arboretum - Dallas, TX

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model photographer at the dallas arboretum by the reflecting pool
Bechan is wearing a beautiful black gown as the sky reflects off of the pool at the Dallas Arboretum

Here we are the long awaited teased post for Bechan’s model shoot at the Dallas Botanical Garden and Arboretum. What a beauty of a place! Read the full story below

Our first time visit to the Dallas Botanical gardens

I honestly can’t believe I have never been there. I have been to the gardens in Fort Worth TX which made me falsely remember thinking I had been here as well. The gardens are massive! For the low price of $15 gets you an all day pass to go in and check it out. Each season they have different arrangements and specials to see. We went early on a Friday morning and had the place almost entirely to ourselves. 

dallas arboretum fashion model photoshoot by the steps and shrubs botanical garden
Bechan poses near the beautifully maintained shrubs of the Botanical Garden
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