Fashion Sports Photos with Lee Rowden of Prosper High School Football

Lee is the starting Cornerback for the Prosper Eagles Football team.

Prosper Senior portraits fashion sports photos of football player lee rowden
Lee is wearing a stylish black skinny tie look with his suit, photographed at the Prosper High School practice field

We are back again with another in our Fashion Sports Photos, this time featuring Prosper High School Senior Lee Rowden. Photographed at the high school practice field in Prosper Texas, Lee wore a stylish black suit with matching skinny tie.  

The Classic Black Tie Look

Personally, I love this look. It’s clean, classic and looks sharp on pretty much everyone. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong in all black. Add a nice watch as an accent piece and you are all set. Sometimes you can even mix this look up with a different color of shoes such as brown or even something flashy like blue. 

I actually found a great article about “50 ways to wear a black suit” on D’Marge website, that goes into some great tips and ways to vary this look. Definitely worth checking out. 

One of their statements was: 

  • An all-black outfit can look sharp and slick, especially for the party season. Start by contrasting the textures between individual pieces, creating depth and spiking definition. For example, textured tie and shirt combinations.
Prosper football player poses for senior portraits on prosper high practice field in suit
I love this pose which is very editorial in style and traditionally what you would see with senior photos... which is why I love it.

You don't always have to look into the camera

Often heard at my photo shoots is the direction that you don’t have to worry about always looking into the camera. Many times I’ll have them looking off camera slightly, or like in this case above, directly off camera. It gives a more editorial feel to the image. Lee does such a great job here, with the hairstyling, suit, watch, and black tie that it all works awesome. He looks like he has been modeling for years! 

boys prosper senior portraits of football player in black suit

Signature Look

This pose is starting to become a favorite of mine that I do at most photo shoots. It’s dynamic, with it’s lower angle and outstretched arm that fills the frame and again has more of a looking off camera look. Matched with a stunning clouded sky, or in this case a strong blue sky, it can become a dynamic pose that works great in a large piece of wall art for your home. 

prosper cornerback catches ball at senior portrait photos

Mix in a Little Dynamic Action

Just like you saw us do with some of Devin’s senior portraits, I try to mix in some action that is relevant to the position they play on the team. Lee plays cornerback for the Prosper Eagles, so we had his mom get involved in the action by tossing him a few balls. Matched with the more GQ look on the right, this makes an excellent paring together. Another great idea for your wall art collections. 

Prosper senior photos of football player on high school field in suit
One of my favorite poses from Lee's Fashion Sports Senior Portraits

Opening Day is Just a Day Away

Make sure to check out the opening game to the season on Saturday, September 1 at 11 am when they will take on Naaman Forest High School from Garland Texas, played on a neutral field. It’s also exciting as this will be the opening weekend for the brand new McKinney ISD football stadium. This new $70 million stadium will be the home football field for McKinney High Lions, McKinney North Bulldogs, and the Boyd Broncos

Below you can see more photos of Lee’s Prosper Senior Fashion Sports portraits and as always, call us to schedule your photo shoot today at (214) 998-7001. We are starting to book for Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, and Track as well. 

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