The importance of Prints. Why this image is so powerful.


I posed this question on my Facebook Business Pages: Why do I love this image so much? Why is it so important?

There were some great guesses and a few got very close to the answer. One person said “Is it that someday their grandkids will be looking at their wedding picture?” That is pretty close to the answer and she will be winning the $10 itunes card I mentioned in the post (see it pays to check out our facebook page and participate!)

The importance of prints as your final ‘product’ and not a digital copy, disc, thumb drive, facebook album, etc can not be understated. Those things might be a great item to have and to purchase in addition to your prints and album, but should never come at the cost of a replacement for those items. In the above photo example, imagine if in the 1930-50’s everyone was only receiving their images in digital copy. With the best intentions, those images often do not ever make it to print. What if they were recorded on a format that is unreadable today such as VHS, Beta Max, reel to reel, tape, or soon dare I even say DVDs. Did you know that DVDs can fail in as little as 1 year? How likely would it be that now 0ver 60 years later, the great grandson of the person in that photo would be able to see their wedding photo on his Aunts big day?

We are living in an era right now that is coming dangerously close to becoming the forgotten generation. With Iphones, facebook, other cell phones, digital cameras, instagram, snapchat, and the list continues, how often are you taking the time to finish the images as intended by printing them? When these technologies change into digital implants, or whatever else is yet to come, where will the record be of this time in our history?

Can you walk into your house at the end of a long day at work or with dealing with the children, sit on your couch in your living room, and gaze up to catch a shining glimpse of that beautiful DVD hanging on your wall? Does that have the same impact in improving the quality of your day as looking at a beautiful Canvas wall art collection of special moments of your husband that we captured during your wedding day. How much would that take you back to that moment when you were just starting out as a couple and that amazing feeling you had sharing those moments together?


Throughout the day, I witnessed these amazing moments with both the bride and groom as different family members delivered old printed pictures of themselves from back on the their wedding days. I got to hear the story from the bride about how she never got to meet them, but by looking at the images how amazing it was of how they looked just like her husband and other people in the family. What an awesome moment that I got to see happen in front of me and was lucky enough to document for this couple. I LOVE THAT!

I love seeing the power and emotion that a printed image can bring. There is really nothing like it.

At weddings I often see these moments displayed at the gift table. Some times it’s prints in a frame like above, and some times it’s the relatives actual wedding album. What an amazing investment in something that you are going to have for generations.

Don’t let that be replaced in your life by a digital image that will be unviewable as soon as technology changes again, or the drive fails or is lost. A print or album will never be something you can’t open and view. As I like to joke, even on the Walking Dead, when the zombie apocalypse starts and there is no longer electricity, you can still pull that print out of your wallet of your family and look at it!

Everyone has great intentions that they will go and print this or that, or they will make their own style DIY album. But time passes, life gets busy, and it often gets forgotten. The more people I ask about this the story stays the same. How many images are on your phone right now? How many of them have you actually ever printed? How would you feel if your phone got lost or deleted and you lost those moments of your kids forever?

Are you starting to see how powerful and important these items are? Not just for today, but forever.


So what is most important to you? Don’t listen and get to stuck on what the “wedding magazines” list you “must have” for your wedding. What is actually important to you. What will be important to you 40-80 years from now?

Beautiful, personally design wedding albums and stunning finished works of art like our Canvas Wall Collections, Acrylic prints, and Metal HD prints, are just a few of the things we offer. We don’t just offer these products, we believe strongly in them and their importance. Your files will always be kept safe here in our hard drive system which lives in a minimum of 3 different locations. You can also purchase them as an addition to your wedding album and prints. But, photographs are meant to be printed. So don’t forget that when you are interviewing for your upcoming wedding photographer.

Stay tuned to see more from this awesome New Years Eve wedding of Lacie and Jonathan from the Radisson at Lackawanna Station in Scranton, PA.

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