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A quick insight into what to expect for your senior portraits. All our purchases are a la carte and each person is different as to what they will want for their senior portraits. So it is always best to schedule a quick call with us to discuss the right fit for you and your senior by clicking the link below. 

Senior portrait session price

we like to keep things simple. One session option for everyone

With us there is no need to struggle to figure out which session is the best one for you. We just give everyone our absolute best option! Why wouldn’t you want the best option right? So let’s keep it simple.

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Each senior portrait session includes:

Your senior portrait experience starts with our planning session which is normally held over zoom. We will help you select a location, talk about outfits and show you examples of photos we have done in various areas. Each session is custom-designed for you.

Next, we have your 2-hour on-location photoshoot. There we will help you every step of the way for your seniors to look their best in our fun, magazine-inspired photoshoot.

Finally, a few days after your photoshoot, we will meet you right in the comfort of your own home for your ordering appointment. We will go photo by photo to help you select your favorites and to create them into artwork for your home that you will love for a lifetime. 

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session price

You receive all of the above for only:


Includes $500 in Print Credits

All prints, albums, and other artwork purchased separately

luxury one of a kind


fill your home with artwork that will make you smile every time you see it

When your senior goes off to college and you are missing them, all you will have to do is look to your artwork that will live in your home for a long time.

We believe a photo we take is not finished until it’s printed and presented in a. beautiful piece of artwork. Whether that is in a custom leather album, framed beautiful wall art, individual prints or more, the important part is to print it so that you can see and enjoy it every day. 


Check out the answers to our most often asked questions. Of course, always feel free to reach out to us to have your questions answered directly.

Everyone is different, but I would say that our custom leather albums are our most popular item. They start with 20 photographs, have a ton of album cover options, and are absolutely stunning.

This is also a person-by-person decision based normally on your preference. Some people love to do them the summer going into their senior year so that you have the photos to use all year for sports programs, yearbooks etc. It also might help you avoid your busier times of the year if they are in sports. 

Others like to wait until the Fall when temperatures start to go down or even wait for the winter for the same reasons. 

Each year we also see a wave of seniors in the Spring who have put off their senior portraits and are now ready to celebrate graduation. 

Our photoshoots are all up to 2 hours long. We found that with photographing senior guys this is the perfect amount of time.

As many as you want inside of your 2 hour photoshoot time. However, typically most seniors do 2-3 outfits.

All prints, albums and other artwork are purchased separately at the time of your ordering appointment. 

Your in-home ordering appointment can take place as quick as 2 days after your photoshoot. Once your order is placed it can take 2-5 weeks to receive your artwork depending on what you purchase

The only thing required to book your date is your session fee payment. Give us a call today.

We will help you select a location that matches the style of photos you would like to have and your interests. Many senior athletes decide to have their photos taken completely on the athletic field. Other seniors opt for a location like the city, a park, or even unique ideas like a library or location that means the most to them. 

I am happy to say that this is currently in the works as we speak! If you are interested in this, please let us know so we can let you know the first opportunities available. 

We offer a luxury one of a kind experience. How much people like to purchase with us is a sign of how great of a job we have done for them. However, what you invest in your portraits is completely up to you and how much you would like. All our artwork is purchased a la carte at your ordering appointment with no minimum orders. 

Our senior families typically invest anywhere from $1,800-$6,000+

How much you invest is completely up to you, what you love, and how many photos you would like to purchase.

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