Italy Video Teaser - Tons about Italy is Coming!

Follow our photographic trip through beautiful Italy as we go through Venice, Florence, and Rome

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You can see a pattern lately where I have been sharing video teasers for upcoming blog posts. I promise you the actual thing we are teasing is coming soon. So much to share! Start with this Italy video that I put together of my time there.

As some of you know that follow us here, I recently took a trip to Italy and spent 3 weeks touring around Venice, Florence, and Rome. To say the least it was an amazing adventure. It also resulted in some of my favorite photos I have ever taken. They have sat on the shelf for too long now and it’s time to do something with them. 

I’ll talk more about what is to come below the jump and after you watch this video teaser.  

What's coming soon with Italy?

So there are actually a ton of things I want to share with you. Including but not limited to:
1. My overall thoughts on trip and what it was like for me to finally take such a plunge and explore an international city
2. Tips and tricks of things to see, do, or avoid in each of the 3 locations
3. Photos! Lots of photos. In addition to putting photos in several of the other topic posts, I’ll share a few photo specific posts as well, sharing some of my favorites from a pile of over 800!
4. Showcasing some of my favorite food and fashion from the trip
5. Ideas on how you can plan your own photo destination trip with us, to have a dream photo shoot!
6. Why traveling and packing light was so much better.
7. I am also hoping to have some tips from a local Dallas Texas travel agent on how to book and prepare for your trip. 
8. The story behind some of my favorite photos, including a photo that might be one of my favorites of all time.
9. How to lose yourself in Italy and absolutely love it
10. Did I mention the food of Italy? Yum! Think gelato!

I am sure there will be a few more that I haven’t mentioned here that I will think of along the way. Keep checking back. Italy is beautiful!

If you want to plan your dream photo trip with us, please contact us here.

vatican blue skies rome italy
Blue skies over the Vatican in Rome, Italy

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