So I have decided that I want my blog to be more about just checking out new photos from recent events and portraits. I thought, how about we use this to tell you more about me as well and the things I like to do for fun.

When I purchased my new house one of my biggest goals for myself was to learn how to cook. If you know me personally, or are family, you know how this was kindof an on going joke. I was known as a professional microwave cooker! If it didn’t come frozen and ready to heat, it wasn’t for me.

Well after doing a lot of youtube searching of videos of great chef’s like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, I was encouraged to give it a go. I mean after all, according to the way they make it look, it should be easy. Right? Ha!

The first thing I made (successfully I might add) was just a simple marinated chicken thigh pieces. I then progressed and made Sticky Lemon Chicken (Gordon Ramsay), which was…. ok. Next the biggest, most challenging to date, was chicken lo mein type of dish even including bok choy. (Jamie Oliver)

By the way, chopping things seems to be my favorite thing to do.

I then learned and almost perfected the most amazing scrambled egg I have ever had (Gordon Ramsay)

That brings us to yesterday. This was attempt two at making a flat bread style pizza using basically sandwich wraps as the dough. As you will see in the photos below it was a bit tricky. I had learned through the first attempt that the crust never got crunchy. So this time I put the wrap directly on the rack.

You will see in the first photo that I GREATLY misjudged the timing of it. When smoke starts coming out of the oven…. you know your off to a bad start. My house still has the smell of this one in it ha. Attempt 2 was MUCH closer, but I thought I could get it closer. Attempt three turned out great. I then took the wrap out and laid it on the cooking stone, adding tomato sauce, fresh shaved mozzarella, fresh chopped parsley, mushrooms, and pepperoni.

Yum delicious ! It definitely takes a lot longer to cook your own, and normally more expensive. However, I am starting to get how satisfying it is to try something and achieve it. Next up is probably a something to do with a baked pasta. Or possibly something in the snack realm with puff pastry sheets.

Leave comments about your favorite things to make!


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