older guy with red Pontiac lemans convertible mckinney car photographer

Richard's Stunning Pontiac LeMans - McKinney Car Photographer

Photographed at Aero Country Airport in McKinney Texas

guy sitting in Pontiac lemans mckinney car photographer photoshoot
Richard sits in his 1963 Pontiac LeMans Convertible - McKinney, Texas

This was a fun photo shoot for a local magazine with Richard’s beautiful Pontiac LeMans convertible. He had a friend with a private hanger at the Aero Country airport in McKinney that served as our backdrop. If you are looking for a McKinney Car Photographer, we can definitely make some beautiful photos together. 

The Classic Beauty 1963 Pontiac LeMans - McKinney Car Photographer

We had the pleasure of meeting Richard as I was photographing a feature fo ra local community magazine in the Eldorado area of McKinney Texas. As I do with all portrait clients, I gave him a call to discuss what we would be photographing. This was a specirific article feature that was about guys and their garage toys. This is right up my alley with how I like to photograph guys. 

Richard told me about his 1963 Pontiac LeMans convertible that he did a lot of restoration work on. Next we had to figure out where we were going to photograph such a beautiful car. He told me that he knew a friend that had a local hanger at the Aero Country airport in McKinney, and of course I was sold immediately. 

What an awesome backdrop. I also got really lucky that it just so happens the private plane is also red and matches the car. You can see in the background there are many other Classic Cars in the collection of the owner of the hanger. 


guy with red Pontiac lemans convertible photographed in airplane hanger aero country mckinney car photographer
One of two red airplanes in the background of this portrait, matched our car perfectly.

Great Ideas at Every Turn - McKinney Car Photographer

When you have a stylish guy like Richard and basically a car museum to photograph in, how can you go wrong? It was actually a rather detailed lighting setup to get the car, background and airplanes to all be lit perfectly for the final photo. Of course, as we know, I love crafting and shaping light. 

This is one of those locations that I could have spent an entire week in photographing each of the cars and details. 

portrait next to private plane and car in aero country hanger mckinney texas

More About the Car and Richard - McKinney Car Photographer

So I thought I would let him speak for himself on more details of the car and information as he is the expert. The following  is what he submitted for the magazine article:

In the 1950’s & 60’s car makers would keep the cars covered until the big day of unveiling arrived.  As a child, I remember the excitement I felt as those days drew near. My love for early muscle cars and motorcycles remains strong to this day.

My current antique is a 1963 Pontiac Le Mans Convertible with a 326 V8 with 260 hp engine and a 3 speed on the floor transmission. I have owned the car for 15 years and last year I worked with Collin Co. Customs in McKinney to rebuild the engine and numerous other mechanical components. The car is a number matching all original car with the exception of the American Racing Torque D Wheels and original Grenadier Red paint job. What sets the ’63 Le Mans apart from other models is its transaxle, located in the rear, along with the four-wheel independent suspension which was state-of-the-art for the time.

With only 7,213 of similarly equipped models produced, the Le Mans is a rare beauty. For all the years I have owned the car, I have never seen another one like mine. The car seems to be appreciated by all ages.

Everyone from older adults to teenagers give my wife and I a thumbs up or honk when we’re out for a drive. The LeMans has even been there for some of our biggest family events.

Both of my daughters used the car as their drive-away vehicles at their weddings. My oldest daughter even used it for many of her engagement photos. Most recently, I was at a local restaurant and came out to find a note asking if I would be interested in letting a local musician use the car in a photo shoot. With a professional photographer, make-up artist, and creative director, it was quite the experience.

Our collection of antique cars and motorcycles is only limited by the size of our garage, but I’m working on finding additional space. I get that same sense of excitement I had as child when I think about what classics our future holds.

portrait by red Pontiac lemans by mckinney car photographer

Next Blog Post

As you enjoy a few more photos below from Richard’s photo shoot, our next post will be featuring a really creative senior from McKinney High School theater program and his senior portraits.

portrait standing by red Pontiac lemans by mckinney car photographer by private plane
portrait standing by red Pontiac lemans by mckinney car photographer by private plane

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