DAY 20 – FEATURE IMAGE: Miami Trash the Vera Wang Dress

miami trash the dress vera wang
A photograph in the ocean of South Beach Miami Flodia

That is right, that is Vera Wang in the ocean. It’s a beautiful gown from Vera Wang’s White collection available at David’s Bridal. This is LJ who you saw in a few posts ago showcasing their after wedding album.

This was actually shot in December, a few months after their wedding. She wanted to have a lot of fun and go in the ocean and that is exactly what we did. This image was photographed in South Beach in Miami Florida.

My lighting assistant for the day actually stood very bravely in the ocean as LJ laid on the beach. I was also about knee deep in the ocean with an expensive camera, hoping that I wouldn’t fall in. I was waiting for the perfect timing of the wave to come in and hit her just right. When it did, this image was snapped, and is one of my favorites from the session.

LJ did a great job to hold in the cold of the water as it hit her dress, and it looks great!

Comment below on what you think about this image. And of course, contact me to photograph your after wedding session! You do not have to have been a wedding couple of mine to book one of these sessions. They are available for everyone.

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