New York City “Forever” Photo Session available for the Holidays! 

New York City Engagement Sessions

That is right folks, for now until January 7th. I have available a few sessions for a New York Experience that you will never forget!! Due to shorter daylight times I only have available 2 spots per day, and 1 spot at night if someone wants to do a night shoot, so that I can still give everyone the fullest photographic experience possible.

What on earth is a “Forever Session” you might say? It’s an amazing opportunity for us to help you fall in love with each other even deeper then you are now. A way for us to explore who you are as individuals as well as a couple. This means you do not have to be engaged to take advantage of having an amazing experience and one that will help you grow even closer to each other. I repeat, you do not have to be an engaged couple.

You can be married, dating , or even just great friends! Maybe it’s to reconnect with your mom or dad? What an amazing experience for your parents or grandparents? The idea of calling it a “Forever Session” is because this is something that I want you to have forever to enjoy and reminder this time in your life. In the hustle and bustle of today, people often forget to stop and focus on showing each other what they love about each other. It is so important, and makes this more then just taking photos together. That is an amazing side benefit.

In addition to your session in New York City, these will also include a Design Consultation to help you take those moments to the next level by having them ready to display in your home, where you will be able to cherish them every day as you look at them. The power of an image is being able to see it on those days where you really need a pick me up or as a reminder for you or the two of you of the things you learned about each other during your session.

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New York City Engagement Sessions

New York city has endless opportunities for photos. Here are just a few ideas

1. The absolutely stunning Central ParkEndless possibilities in every corner of this park and I could create in there forever!

2. Rockefeller Center: Be it the Christmas village, the ice skating rink (they do charge for that), or just around the area of the massive decorated tree and ornaments (that tree is from PA!!)

3. Your favorite “town”: China Town, Little Italy (extra deocrated for the holidays), The Village, SoHo, Chelsea, and so many more I am probably missing

4. DUMBO Park: Stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It’s a great little park and over look area with a beautiful city skyline. This is where I photographed Jaime’s Dance Photos that I posted a while back.

5. Over the river: There are also some great looks on the New Jersey side looking back into the city. The benefit of this is you avoid some of the crowds.

6. Bryant Park: Another area that will have a great Christmas village and lots of decorations and lights as well as their own skating rink. A plus is that skating is free here, only pay to rent your skates.

7. A Carriage Ride: Get them while they last! A staple of NYC is the horse drawn carriage rides. These soon might be gone folks so enjoy a snuggle while you can! (note a fee applies for these)

8. Take the tour: Do a little bit of everything! I will have an option for you to have me for the entire day where we can go all over the place exploring and creating photos and memories. Since this will block off the entire day (pretty much), this will be an exclusive add on that you will need to invest in, but definitely well worth it! Ask about this option!

9. The High Line: Have you ever seen the High Line? If not you are missing out. One of the coolest things in the city and it goes for miles! Tons of different looks and possibilities and amazing skyline views.

10. GET ENGAGED!!!: How cool would that be? After a day of capturing the love you two have for each other, and increasing that connection that you have for each other, that you end the day with a proposal in the lights of New York City!!! Now THAT will be a proposal story that not only you can tell people forever, but that you can show them throughout the images from the day. PERFECT!

Hit somewhere I missed mentioning: Every time I go to NYC I find something new, so I am sure I am missing something! Let me know what means something to you in New York City!


As I stated, spots will be limited. There are no set dates in particular , just within this window of time and we will plan for the day that you are interested in. In order to get some beginning information from you, Please go to the link below to fill out our interest form. Answering some basic questions, will just get us started, and I will follow up with you to book your date, as well as start the process of starting to talk about what we will create together in New York City!


Of course you want to book as soon as possible so that we can accommodate your requested date and have time to plan everything. If you would prefer, you can also call me to get the ball rolling at (570) 690-2019.

Enjoy looking at a few more photos below that I had done at my many times in New York City.


Make sure to share this blog post and website link to couples that you know that could really use a reconnection to each other, or just an amazing photographic experience. Age doesn’t matter! A college romance or a 50 years of wedding bliss reconnection. How wonderful of a gift would that be for your Parents or Grandparents?

(Family sessions in the city also available)

New York City Engagement SessionsNew York City Engagement SessionsNew York City Engagement SessionsNew York City Engagement SessionsNew York City Engagement Sessions

New York City Engagement SessionsNew York City Engagement SessionsNew York City Engagement SessionsNew York City Engagement Sessions


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