DAY 19 – STORY OF THE IMAGE: NYC Engagement between yellow cabs

engagement session times square
Engagement Session in Times Square New York City, NY

This is a really fun image from the engagement session in Times Square New York City with Sean and Ashley. We started their session in Central Park and by night time we were in the Times Square area to take this shot.

I saw a bunch of NYC yellow cabs as the light would turn red pile up. I told Sean and Ashley the next time the light turned red, I wanted them to quickly jump out into the middle of traffic and grab each others hand and walk in between the cabs. Granted, looking back on it, it seems more dangerous then it did at the time.

My couples have a lot of faith and trust in me, which allowed us to get an image like this. They didn’t even hesitate at the idea, because I think they knew I had something cool in mind and I wouldn’t put them in harms way.

Engagement sessions are tons of fun, and we often now go to the big cities like Philadelphia or New York City spending half the day making fun photos.

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