Hi everyone

In preparation for a workshop I am teaching Wednesday in Philly, I decided to do something fun. I took a friend of mine, found a wedding dress, and went out and played. My goal was to try some new lighting ideas, use colored gels, and do photos at night.

So with that in mind, we started at my super duper top secret location in Dickson City and then made our way to down town Scranton.

Photography is a constant on going education. If you stop pushing yourself to recreate, you become boring, dull, and unsharp on your skills. I don’t understand how there are so many ‘wedding photographers’ out there who don’t do this. Who rest on the same things that they were doing 10-20-30 years ago. This is, of course, in the end a disservice to their wedding couples.

If you want something fun, innovative, one of a kind, then we are definitely something that you should look into. All of these images are one of a kind ideas developed right at the shoot, creating lighting and solving problems right on the shoot and IN CAMERA. What you are going to see are not ‘heavily photoshopped’ or manipulated. They are about as close out of camera you can get (minus some blemish removals, and some sharpening).

I was so excited about these images, with the shoot ending at 10:30pm, that I decided I had to edit these right away. I stayed awake until 5:30am working on the images and preparing them to post.

THAT is what you get when you hire a photographer that has passion and a drive for what they do, and absolutely loves photography.

This session is something that could be done on your wedding day, or for an after wedding session (the day after, months after, whenever)

I hope that you enjoy!

(look for updates with more images to come later)


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