DAY 17 – BOOKING TIPS: Do you want an artist or a warm body with a camera?

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A great moment at a ceremony in the Dallas, PA area of the flower girl.

Wedding photography takes on different levels of importance to each couple. The couples that hire me want an artist, not just someone with a camera. This is something that I have thought about recently. There are definitely “Photographers” out there that are operating as purely a person with a camera, a very business only minded setup of hours to dollars, with not much consideration for the artistic nature of the job. These photographers will often be the same ones that might do the same 16 set up images at every wedding. It’s a pattern type of process instead of becoming a part of the day and telling a story.

So when you are selecting your photographer, what type of photographer do you want?

Most of what I do is photojournalism, which is what you see in the image above. Capturing those unplanned moments which is what your wedding is made of. That wonderful tear, that embrace with a loved one, that look that the groom gives his new wife. These are things that in order to capture, you have to see coming before they happen. You have to have a specific skill set that allows you to capture an image with proper exposure, lighting, and expression all in less then a second. It is a definite particular skill set that if you are not a photojournalistic photographer, you will probably miss.

Even our portrait time images, always have a plan. How will the light impact the image? How will the couples personality go into how I pose, light, and photograph them?

We could certainly take the same images at every wedding. It would probably make what I do a lot easier. But it’s no longer your wedding. It turns it into an assembly line style production with no personal touch, and with out the ‘wow’ moment.

So again, what photographer is right for you? It’s important to not only ask the photographer you meet with these questions, but look at several weddings they have photographed and the stories that they are telling. This is why I find it valuable to our potential couples that I show every wedding that I photograph. You can see the uniqueness in every wedding.


If what you see that I do is something that you want for your wedding, please feel free to contact us on the website: or give us a call at (570) 690-2019.

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