Dallas High School sports portraits of football player from prosper on field in suit

Portrait Tour 2019

From texas to Pennsylvania and back

If you are ready to have the Best Senior Portraits Experience, now is your time! In May and June, Jeff Dietz Photography is bringing the #1 Senior Sports Photographer of Dallas Texas across the country on a multi-city tour. Each location will have a limited amount of spots available, so make sure to not wait and save your spot today. 


Open to any 2019 or 2020 Senior. 

Jeff Dietz Photography specializes in magazine quality photos for Senior Athletes and Seniors who want a fashion inspired photo shoot. Everybody is an all-star in front of our cameras. It’s time to CELEBRATE senior year.

Home of the Fashion Sports Portrait

We created the Fashion Sports Portrait for students and parents that wanted a higher level of quality than what was typically presented for senior athletes. Texas is the nation’s leader in sports and they deserve a quality of portraits that matches the reputation for being the best student athletes. We wanted our photos to look and feel like you were being featured for a magazine like Sports Illustrated, GQ, Vanity Fair, or similar celebrity magazine. Our goal was to elevate High School Sports Portraits to a whole new level. The Fashion Sports portrait was born.

Prosper Senior Jordyn Oliver Baylor Basketball commit Dallas Photographer
Dallas Senior Portrait Photographer for Sports

Fashion Inspired & Creative Senior Pictures

Don’t settle for boring senior pictures where they look just like everyone else’s. Our senior pictures are crafted as one of a kind experiences that fit the style of the student. We are there to help them create ideas from location to wardrobe. If your idea of awesome senior portraits is like being in a model fashion shoot, then we are the studio for you. 

campbell agency model bechan at arboretum for photoshoot by reflecting pond
prosper senior guy photos with cowboy hat sitting at horse farm
Dallas Girls Senior Portraits fashion photographer in field red dress

How Does This Work?

It’s simple. All you have to do is fill out the form below and someone from our team will give you a call within 24 hours to start discussing your photo shoot. This is a free, no-risk consultation. We will go through everything that you need to know from location, wardrobe, finished artwork and concepts for the photo shoot itself. There is no need to worry about anything, we have you covered. We work hand and hand with local High Schools to gain access to photograph on the field, or we can work on another location of your choice.

After your portrait session, you will rejoin us for a video conference to select and purchase all of your artwork. Choose from many options including stunning wall art collections and individual wall prints, world-class albums, and print boxes. We have something for everyone.

See more about our prices in the sections below.

What Do We Wear?

We can discuss wardrobe options with you on the phone, but typically students will do two to three different outfits. We are well known for our sports portraits in a well-fitting suit for the guys or a stylish fashion outfit for the ladies. They will often do one fancier outfit, a more casual but fashion-forward outfit, and then possibly something with a letterman’s jacket or uniform. 

Dallas sports portraits of girls high School track and field at Allen

Portrait Tour 2019 - Dates & Locations

Texas to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania to Texas

Tour Dates

Dates will remain a little bit flexible to accommodate for areas that have a higher demand for our photography than others. We will be starting the trip on May 30th and will factor anywhere from 2 to 5 days in each of the locations that you see in the above maps or listed below. 

The best thing to do, in terms of dates, is to fill out the contact form and we can talk to you about the current booking locations and our anticipated current date in your area. 

Mapping of the Tour

This is our third time doing this half country tour and we love it every time. This trip, we will be hitting a few new spots along the way as we tour some of the towns that are most known for their high school athletics. Note that the locations listed can vary depending on the demand for us to be in one area or another. So when you see that on the maps above, note that there could be a small redirection here or there to cover where people want us to go. 

Tentative City List on the Way to PA

Longview, Texas
Shreveport, Louisiana
Jackson, Mississippi
Hoover, Alabama
Atlanta, Georgia
Lilburn, Georgia
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Shelby / Charleston, North Carolina
Richmond / Virginia Beach, Virginia
Baltimore, Maryland
Washington, DC
Newark, Deleware
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
PA Allentown – Bethlehem – Stroudsburg – Bangor – Scranton Wilkes Barre
Ramsey, New Jersey
New York, New York

Tentative City List on the Way Back

State College, Pennsylvania
Parkersburg / Morgantown, West Virginia
Cincinnati / Columbus, Ohio
Louisville, Kentucky
Indianpolis, Indiana
St. Louis, Missouri
Lawrence / Kansas City, Kansas
Broken Arrow / Tulsa / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Pricing Information

You probably want to know, what will all of this awesome sauce cost? We are happy to tell you that all you have to pay up front to have this amazing one of a kind senior portrait experience is your Session Fee. It is the same price for the Senior Pictures as it is for the Senior Sports Portraits. You pick!

All of our prices for artwork and prints are on an ala carte basis so you only select the artwork that you would love to have in your home. For this tour, we have constructed a few special packages as well that you can ask us more about during your free consultation. 

Ordering options start at $800


$ 250 Includes:
  • Free Pre-Shoot Consultation
  • Up to 2 Hour Photo Shoot on Location
  • Ordering Appointment & Design Consult


Everything starts with your free consultation. This is a phone call that we will schedule to discuss your son or daughter and what their sport, hobbies, or passions are as well as their personal style. We talk about ideas, plan locations, and discuss outfits. In this consultation we can also share with you more information about package or ala carte options, helping you select the artwork that will be perfect for you.


The Photo shoot itself, whether you select a senior portrait session or sports portraits, is up to 2 hours in length. This will take place at the location that we come up with in your consultation. Most people are able to include 2-3 outfit changes during this time. Jeff will be there to help them with posing and everything they need to do to create the photos that he does. It’s tons of fun and everyone has a blast.


This is one of the most fun parts of your experience. This is when you get to see your photos for the first time and we help you select what you would love to purchase in artwork for your home. From stunning wall portraits to custom albums and print boxes we have something for everyone to love. Ordering options start at $800 or you can discuss with us some of the special packages we have for the tour. All purchase will be made at this appointment. 

Depending on the tour schedule for your location, this appointment may be held in person at your home, or via a Skype video screen sharing meeting.




senior boxing in suit at mckinney boxing gym hitting heavy bag

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