Showing the Youth of DFW Positive Male Role Models to look up to.

Positive Male Role Model Project

McKinney, Texas

Thank you for showing interest in our Positive Male Role Model Project here in McKinney Texas. Our photography studio wanted to do something to make a difference and to show today’s youth a positive influence and to celebrate people making a difference. 

In today’s news, with all of the various abuse scandals and bad behavior being highlighted of men, we wanted to showcase that there are still good men and fathers in our society that can influence others.

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If you would like to be featured or be a sponsor, please fill out the form, and someone will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a phone conversation with you to get started. 

OR CALL (214) 998-7001

Jeff Dietz Photography is looking for men of all ages to feature in our Positive Male Role Model Project

Why is this project so important?

In 2018, this project might be more important now then it has ever been. As men, we can help make a change in our society, and show people that good men and fathers are still out there. We can be something to look up to and inspire to become. Now is the time for us to come together and take action. 

So what are we doing?

We are searching the Dallas area, specifically the northern suburbs of McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Prosper, Plano, and Rockwall, for good, upstanding gentlemen that we can feature in a photo shoot. After going through a small interview, we will schedule a shoot with you that will focus on your role in society. This might mean doing a photo shoot in your classroom as a teacher, photographing you in your church, out in the city, or something that relates to your career or hobby. However, we want to do it in a fashion-forward and awesome concept like you would see in the pages of GQ, Vanity Fair, Esquire and other fashion magazines. 

What do you have to do?

The biggest thing we will ask of you is for your time. This would include a pre-meeting on the phone or in person to get to know you better and to come up with a cool conceptual idea for your photo shoot. We don’t want to just photograph you, but we want to help put your story across to others so that you can be an inspiration to them. 

In addition to the planning, there is the photo shoot itself. On average, not including time to set up, you should plan to spend 1-2 hours with us for your photo shoot. The length depends on the complexity of our idea, and how much fun you want to have with it. 

McKinney Senior football pictures texas quarterback in suit

Is there any cost involved?

There is no initial costs for you to be involved with the project. We want to give of our time as a photography studio, to help build this message in the Dallas-Fort worth area. So our regular session fees will be waived in order for you to be able to take part, as our gift to you.

In addition to this, you may choose to purchase artwork, beyond your gift certificate from the session for your home. You can read more about that below. There is no obligation to purchase anything.

What do you get from this?

First and foremost, you get to know that you are helping to be a part of the change in our society, and being an influence on the youth of our area. But beyond this, we would like to offer you these additional bonuses:

– $400 regular session fee waived
– $200 gift certificate that you can apply towards artwork from this photo session
– An additional $400 Gift Certificate that you can use towards a new  photo shoot, for yourself, family, or to gift to a friend
– Spotlight blog post talking about yourself and featuring your work or business
– Your business and logo, if applicable, listed on our special website page
– Additional press opportunities that we are hoping to attract from this project
– 50% off any additional artwork you purchase (if you choose to) outside of your gift certificate, will be committed to a fund to promote the project and costs of additional events surrounding it

In addition to this, we are hoping to feature all of the participants in a gallery exhibit and reception at the end of the project period. This, however, will be dependent on the generosity of local sponsors and business that we hope to obtain throughout the process. 


Business CEO portrait in Pioneer Park Dallas TX with bulls

In short… We are looking for you!

We are looking for a wide variety of people in different careers and talents who are willing to be a part. We are NOT looking for perfect people. None of us are perfect and at times fall short. But we are looking for people that strive every day to make a difference and to be respectful males in society.

Some examples:
Teachers – we are actively working with local High Schools to find teachers that we can photograph directly in their school environment. We are currently already in talks with several, but we would like to add your school as well!
Businessmen – in various type of businesses, the more creative the better
Youth Leaders – This could be in a community setting or religious organization
Local Talent – Artists, actors, singers, and more. 
Athletics – Athletes, sports franchises, trainers, coaches, etc
Police, Fire, and Rescue – any involvement in these professions
Active Military and Veterans – What better group to be a part of this project


In addition to monetary donations below, You can help us in the following ways

Donation of Photo shoot locations
Let us use your unique location, business, awesome home or other venues as a setting for the photo shoots. 

Wardrobe and other cool things to pose with?
So maybe you have some cool suits that you would love to donate that you aren’t using anymore. Maybe, you have a classic car or motorcycle that can be used to pose with. 

Creative services
We would love to work with anyone in the creative services such as, but not limited to the following: Makeup artist, Barbershop or hairstylist, wardrobe stylist, set builders, videographers, journalists, public relations.


Do you own a business or personally would like to help out more?

Actively seeking business and individual monetary sponsorships from people who would like to donate and help us grow this program even larger. We are currently formulating this information, and any amount will go a long way towards helping us. Please check with us and let’s talk about how we can work together. Call us at 214-998-7001

What will donations be used for?

Any donations will go directly to this project. It will allow us to make the photo shoots more elaborate, can help us put together several events throughout the year for the young men to come and learn from some of our featured individuals, and also can go a long way to help us fund an end of project Gallery Exhibit and Reception for those featured and the public to come and see their stories.

To See more of our portfolio and information about our company please click HERE


If you would like to be featured or be a sponsor, please fill out the form, and someone will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a phone conversation with you to get started. 

OR CALL (214) 998-7001

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