So did you know I have a beautiful 1,500 sq ft meeting area at the house to meet with couples and potential couples?

Photography studio clarks summit pa
The main area of the showroom

I am located in Clarks Summit, which is not too far above Scranton and Wilkes Barre, and even not far from locations like Binghamton, NY and Allentown and surrounding areas.

The showroom features a living room like environment that is very comfortable for us to sit and talk, in order to get to know each other a bit more. You have seen my work on the website, but this gives you an opportunity to talk face to face and also see some of the awesome sample albums we have here in person. Seeing them really does show the power that a beautiful finished storybook album can have.

The other part of the showroom is a viewing area. Here I can show you a slide show of images, point out specific images from the venue you will be at, or describe conceptual ideas. It can also be used for you to come back after your wedding to proof your album design and make finishing touches while viewing on the 60″ screen, as well as order prints. This can be helpful some times in person so that you can finish the design right away, which of course means your printed album will be back in your hands sooner.

The importance of getting to know your potential photographer beyond just looking at the images on their website and their pricing sheet is a big one. This is a person that will be with you in some of the most intimate of moments on one of the most important day in your life. Why would you want to select this person without meeting with them or talking with them first?

This is one of the main reasons I do not put my pricing sheet on my website. I want to talk to you! I want you to know more about what it is that I do that sets me apart. With a boutique service like I offer, we will not ‘win’ you over if all you are wanting to do is compare my package A with someone else’s package A and select the person that gives you the most amount of things for the least amount of money. After all, when else in life does that also equal the best quality? It’s about so much more then just the investment price. I could write an entire long post about this topic alone, but for now we will leave it at that.

Also, a large majority of the people that book me come from other areas all across the country and are either having me travel to them or they are coming into my area only for their wedding. I have couples from California, Nevada, Ohio, Rhode Island, New York City, New Jersey, Florida and more. So do not worry, there is an option for us to talk as well! I offer both phone and skype video meetings as well. This gives us the opportunity to still have a connection and get to know each other a bit without having to be face to face in person. When you are ready to book, you can access my online booking system that will have you sign your contract online and make your retainer payment directly through the site.

This applies for after your wedding as well, as everything can be proofed online, from your print orders to your Wedding album. Below are some more images of the showroom for you to check out as well.

So don’t delay. Meet with your photographer and get to know them and what they are about. 2014 dates are flying off the shelves so it is never too early to start discussing and book your date. To contact me and fill out the inquiry form CLICK HERE.

Talk to you soon!

photography viewing studio for meetings clarks summit
The Viewing room, equipped with 60″ screen, seating area, surround sound, and apple tv.
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