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team and staff headshots

5 reasons to choose us for your headshots

team and staff headshots

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some other questions you might have about team and staff headshots:

Will you also shoot team photos in addition to the headshots

Absolutely! No matter what size team or staff you have, we can photograph the whole team together or broken up into groups by departments. Whether you need an image of everyone together or photos of the individual departments or teams, we got you covered. Please ask us about pricing to add stylized group photos to your day.

do you offer headshots at events?

Yes! This is an exciting new session that we have been offering. We can come right to your expo, trade show, conference, team retreat or more. We have an entire suite of software that helps us streamline the process from sign up to portraits being taken without a long line and finally to image delivery. 

This is a great way to add something special to your next event and get a higher attendance by letting people know they can get their headshot at the same time!

At a trade show it also makes a great way to collect contacts in order to grow your business in the future.

Visit our events headshot page here.

can you show me more of your work?

Our website is filled with photo examples. But if there is something specific that you are looking for and would like to see in our work, we would be more than happy to put together a custom gallery for you to see.

Where are you located

We are located right in the heart of Dallas Texas just north of the city. We travel literally everywhere. It’s not uncommon for us to go into far north Dallas like Prosper and Celina, south into Irving, over to Southlake or Fort worth and even as far the other direction to Rockwall and Tyler. 

Of course, we do a ton of work right in the heart of downtown Dallas. 

We are set up to be portable and would love to come right to you.

what if we can't get everyone together on the same day?

We know the added challenges of some of your team working in the office and others from home. There is also always a few people that might be sick on the day of the headshots or you likely have new hires being added all the time. 

We can help you with this by keeping a ‘look file’ from your photoshoot. This can include the type and color backdrop that was used as well as the style of lighting in order to match your photos in the future. 

When the rest of your staff comes in, we will already know how to make it match your brand.

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