A bride and bridesmaids review images from earlier in the day



Did you know that at most of the weddings I photograph I am able to show some of the images from earlier in the day at your reception! The same day slideshows are included in most of my wedding options and are done (time permitting) by taking 20-30 images from earlier in the day, editing them on my laptop and displaying for you later at your reception on a laptop or screen that sits on a side table, cycling for the rest of the night.

This does not stop or distract from your wedding reception. The images play on a non stop slideshow and people can view them at their leisure when they are not dancing or eating. It creates a great visual experience for your wedding reception guests, and they absolutely love it!

Above you see an image from the Highlands at Newberry Estates of the bride and her bridesmaids viewing the images.


We are able to do things like this because our images are created in camera, as opposed to having to rely on photoshop trickery, effects, or ‘saving it in photoshop’. You can see in the image above taken at the Huntsville Golf Club in Shavertown PA we can also put an email sign up sheet next to the slideshow. This allows us to email interested guests from your wedding, when the photos are finished to be viewed online or to purchase prints of their own.

I have done these ever since I begin a wedding photographer, and they have always been a great hit. It is also great for me because I love hearing the instant feedback from both the couple and their guests as to what they think about the images that I created for them earlier.

My images are all one of a kind, so the reaction of the guests to seeing our images tend to be things like; “wow I have never seen that before”, “How did they do that?” , “where was that taken?”, “I can’t believe we get to see them already”, and much more.


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  1. This by far was one of my favorite moments at the reception. It was awesome to be able stop and take the time to see what had happened so far that day. Often when you’re in a wedding you’re so busy, you don’t get the time to stop and enjoy. This makes that happen!

  2. This was by far one of my favorite things about the reception and about the whole day. Often when you are in a wedding, you don’t take the time to stop and enjoy the day. This makes you do that and it’s so wonderful!

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