DAY 30 – WEDDING TIPS: Jack of All trades or a Wedding Specialist? 

skytop lodge wedding photography
Wedding Ceremony at the Skytop Lodge in Skytop, PA

Do you want to have a Wedding Photographer photograph your wedding? Or would you prefer someone that also photographers; pets, babies, families, seniors, sporting events, corporate events, advertising, and also on the side is a plumber, carpenter, accountant, fitness instructor, part time model, part time chef, etc etc?

There is a saying that says, “Jack of all Master of none”.

It is a big difference when you specialize in a field of photography like weddings. It allows you to be able to center in on the very unique aspects and skill sets of photographing a wedding. This is especially true being a photojournalism style wedding photographer. I have often seen very talented portrait photographers, try and fail at photographing a wedding. The timing and ability to see moments as they happen and before they happen is really a particular set of skills. You have to be able to sense the moment, situation yourself in proper lighting, know how to achieve your image in camera, and then capture the image all in a split second.

A full time photographers versus part time is also important. Would you want some one to do your heart surgery that only does it part time on the weekends for a few extra bucks? Of course not. When you are full time you are dedicating all of your time to learning your craft, and being available for your customers, both for photo shoots themselves and also in customer service. This can come into play with being available for engagement sessions, meetings, and especially in the amount of time it takes to finish editing your images and wedding album.

It becomes much more of a passion when it is what you do all the time instead of just another one of your many hats that you wear on occasion.

What type of wedding photographer do you want?

If you would like to hear more about working with me and getting to know what it is that I do, CLICK HERE or fill out any of our contact forms.

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