My trip to West Palm Beach, Fl

Boca Raton Beach panorama photo
Panorama taken at Boca Raton Beach Fl

Hey everyone.

This is just a quick teaser post that I have all of my photos finished from my trip to West Palm Beach, FL and I am going to be posting a bunch of them to show you guys soon. I went everywhere from West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, DelRay Beach, Boca Raton, Boyton Beach, Springer Island, and a few other areas in between. I had a great time and it will be fun to share those with you. A lot of stuff with the local shops and goings on of Clematis St and City Place, where I spent a lot of time, as well as the beach, zoo, and fun inter-coastal areas.

I am going to have a whole set I did with my main camera, the Nikon D800 as well as a whole series with my Iphone featuring tons of cool panoramas! I even will show a fun surprise photo shoot I did for a pregnant couple that happen to be on the beach.

Stay tuned, and check back soon.

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