I have often been asked…. who would you love to photograph? I think this is a great time on a snowy day to sit down and write out this list. The people on the list will surely be an interesting mix of people. Some because I feel they would be interesting photographically, but others because I believe they have a compelling story, or would be amazing to sit down with.

(In decent order, 1 being the most)

1. Natalie Portman – Beautiful! What can I say. If you have seen the movie “Closer” , there is a scene with her and Julia Roberts, where Natalie spins around with a tear in her eye and says “Just take my picture”. Yup. Need to photograph her. And if she decides to marry me after that, that is just fine as well!

2. Jack White – singer/songwriter/musician – Not only does he have a pretty amazing sense of self style and would arrive in something interesting to photograph, I believe he is one of the most underrated musicians of our team. Front man for three successful bands: The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather. Not only would the photos be fun, but we would definitely have to jam afterwards

3. Lady Gaga – Ok… your going to say… “what?” I can’t really figure out if I think she is attractive or not. But it can definitely be said that she is interesting and talented. She is the Madonna of our day (a Madonna that can actually sing). Not to mention…. if you have seen her at any awards show, you know she is going to come in a very interesting outfit.

4. Will I Am – Again, musical genuis of our day, as well as tremendous sense of style

5. Jay-z with Beyounce. Yes… together!

6. Kristen Bell – Same reasons as Natalie Portman above, plus I can just tell she would be tons of fun at a shoot.

7. Pink and/or Katie Perry – Couldn’t decide on which, so either. Pink would definitely be cool to do with an ariel shoot like her Grammy performance. Katie Perry’s shoot would be something more out of the realm of David LaChappelle.

8. Yervant and/or Jerry Ghionis. This is a personal goal. Why? Because I believe they are the tops in the field of creative Wedding photography. In order for me to be crazy enough to ask them to sit in front of my camera, I would have to have reached a point where I am really happy with my photography. That is why it is a goal. I am not there yet and continue to work at it. I would photograph either of them in a style similar to the style of Platon. A simple one light.

9. The entire cast of Circus de Olay. Come on. That would just be pretty darn cool. Imagine the crazy stuff you could come up with.

10. One of the classics: Maybe Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney, Bill Cosby, Steven Tyler, Neil Young. Those might be more on the list that it would be cool to say that you did it.

I am sure this list would adapt differently even if I wrote it tomorrow. But those I guess are the one’s that sprung to mind.

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