2018 UIL Playoff Bracket - Prosper, Allen Football 6A D1 and D2

Get all of the game time information and follow the bracket as Allen and Prosper eagles take on the Texas UIL Playoffs


It’s a fun time of year for Texas High School football. I have had so much fun going to the games this year and cheering on the players we have had the pleasure of photographing this year for our Fashion Senior Portraits. Today we have all the game information and brackets to follow along with Prosper and Allen football as they make their way through the 2018 UIL Playoff for their chance at the Texas State championship.

Prosper Football UIL playoff bracket 2018 game list
Devin Haskins is ready to take on Longview in round 2 of the UIL Playoffs for the Prosper Eagles

The best High School football teams in Texas take on the 2018 UIL Playoffs

We will primarily be following Prosper and Allen High Schools as they make their bid to be champions because they are the schools that we mostly have gotten to work with this year. That is of course not to say there are not a ton of great teams this year and tough competition as there always is. 

Allen and Prosper, although play each other during the regular season, actually compete in two separate UIL playoff brackets, the Division 1 and Division 2 in that order. 

Texas UIL Playoffs 6A - Division 1

D1 is filled with some of the bigger teams in the area like Allen, Carroll (of Southlake), North Shore, Lake Travis and Katy who each year contend for the state and national titles. 

Just to give you an idea of how powerful of a line up that is, MaxPreps, who is the go-to website for high school athletics, ranks three of these teams in their top 25 in the country with Allen being in the #2 spot. 

Last week, Allen started their UIL playoff run as the defending State and National 6A Division 1 champs. They opened with a rematch of a few years ago against Rowlett in which they won 56 to 21. They really seem unstoppable.

This weeks game definitely gets more challenging as they face Rockwall in round 2. Rockwall is 8 and 2 on the year and put up 50 points as well in their game last week. 

This upcoming game will be at a neutral field, Williams Stadium in Garland. Below we will have all the location and start time information.

allen sports portraits at the stadium with mo perkins
Mo Perkins plays wide receiver for the Allen Eagles

Bracket - UIL Playoffs 6A - Division 1

These brackets will live update so you can keep checking back to see how the teams progress and see who they play next. Note that the Prosper bracket will be in the next section. This bracket was provided by the MaxPreps website, so a big thank you to them for making this available for people to use on their sites.

2018 Football State Championships 2018 Football Conference 6A D1

Texas UIL Playoffs 6A - Division 2

2019 boys prosper senior portraits of football player in black suit
prosper cornerback catches ball at senior portrait photos
Lee Rowden - Defensive player for Prosper Eagles

Division 2 is where Prosper finds itself for the 2018 UIL Playoffs. They recently joined the ranks of the 6A teams and are already a force to be reckoned with. 

I was actually surprised at first to hear that they were in a different division, as they had played Allen in the regular season. But it turns out that they split the playoff divisions which gives some of the other teams a chance where they don’t have to face the big massive football powerhouses. So they could actually both end up being State Champs. 

After a 9-2 regular season, Prosper started it’s 2018 playoffs last week with a rematch of this season’s opening game. They beat Naaman Forest from Garland TX 41-21. It was a tough hard battle for most of the game until Prosper opened things wide open with some big plays. A physical game that saw 2 Naaman Forest players ejected for personal fouls and 3 Prosper Eagles star players get injured, which we hope were only minor.

Just like D1, there are a ton of powerhouse teams still in the D2 bracket. Hebron, Guyer, Longview, Wylie, and Westlake to name a few. 

Next up in round two for Prosper is Longview High School from Longview Texas. A very tough team who ended the year undefeated at 10-0. They put up 70 points in their playoff opener and only have one game all year where they scored under 40 points. Game time info below the bracket below.

Bracket - UIL Playoffs 6A - Division 2

The D2 UIL Playoff bracket is once again provided by MaxPreps. You should go to their site for even more details scores and live updates as well as check back to this page to see who won and where they go next. 

2018 Football State Championships 2018 Football Conference 6A D2

Prosper Eagles UIL Playoff Round 2 - Game Info

Prosper football uil playoff schedule for 2018
Derien Ivy posed for his Prosper Senior Pictures earlier this year at the practice field.

I will keep coming back each week (as we know they will move on) to update this section with the newest game information. Here is the game information for this week’s second round game for Prosper

Saturday November 24, 2018
Game Time:
Against: Longview Lobos – Longview, TX
Stadium: The Star 
Address: 9 Cowboys Way, Frisco, TX
Seats: 12,000+ comfy chairs in an indoor arena. The shared practice facilities of the Dallas Cowboys
Parking: Free
Tickets:  $12 in advance, $15 at the door, only available online – to buy tickets GO HERE
Extra Notes: This is the indoor facility that is shared with the Dallas Cowboys and the Frisco ISD High School Football teams. It’s absolutely an awesome venue to watch a game. It’s nice and warm, and comfortable seats. With Prosper’s great band it’s also set to be loud. The fans aren’t allowed to bring their cowbells to this one, but rest assured the fans will be plenty ready to make lots of noise. 

Don’t be afraid to come out early and check out some of the great restaurants that the Star has to offer as well as just walking around the grounds. I understand that there will also be a weekly Christmas event going on around the stadium, so you might want to get there early for parking. There is a parking deck attached to the stadium as well as outdoor parking that is all free. 

Allen Eagles UIL Playoff Round 2 - Game Info

Allen Football center senior sports photos in suit at eagles stadium
Mo Perkins plays wide receiver for the Allen Eagles

One of the nice things with the scheduling is that you can go to both the Prosper and Allen games because they are on different days. Woohoo!

Friday November 23, 2018

Game Time: 6pm 
Against: Rockwall Yellowjackets – Rockwall, Tx
Stadium: Williams Stadium 
Address: 510 Stadium Dr Garland, Tx 75040
Seats: 10,000 outdoor seating
Parking: Free
Tickets:  $8 in advance, $10 at the door, only available online – to buy tickets Go here:  UIL Playoff Allen Tickets
Extra Notes: Don’t worry, the weather is expected to be nice with a 63-degree day turning into around 50 degrees at night during the game. Williams is a nice outdoor stadium that has seating for 10,000 with an even 5,000 on each side. As you know the massive size of the Allen stadium that the fans fill each week, it might be a good idea to get your tickets ahead of time for this game to make sure you can get your choice of being on the side you want. Remember that the Allen Escadrille band will have about 700 of those seats if they come to the game (I am not sure on where they will have them seated). Bring all your cowbells and noisemakers. Parking is free and looks to be a little on the limited side, so that might be another reason to come early. Not as comfortable of seats as the Star, so you might want to bring along those stadium cushions. 

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