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#1 sports portrait photographer in DFW

Dallas Sports Portraits for High School Athletes Who Want to Look Good On and Off the Field

Dallas Sports Senior Pictures Texas Uil Athletes Featured

sports senior pictures

#1 sports portrait photographer in DFW

Dallas Sports Portraits for High School Athletes Who Want to Look Good On and Off the Field

it's time to celebrate your senior's hard work

Senior moms, imagine your son dressed in a well-fitting suit, posing for his sports senior pictures showcasing the sport that he spent the past several years, or maybe his entire life to get where he is. You have been there alongside him the entire way. Now is the time to celebrate!

Seniors, imagine feeling like your favorite professional athlete as they are photographed for the pages of Sports Illustrated or GQ. Whether you are a start or not, you are a part of the team that you gave a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Now is the time to shine and impress your friends and have an experience that leaves you feeling like a million bucks.

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We created Fashion Sports Portraits so that every senior athlete can have a celebrity portrait experience. It’s as if they are being photographed for the cover of Sports Illustrated.

So What is the Fashion Sports Portrait?

We had the idea for High School students, and especially men, to be able to have an amazing celebrity like experience instead of the boring traditional team photos that most places take. We was inspired by what we were seeing in magazines like GQ, Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated and a few others that were mixing the world of fashion with sports.

Putting on a suit or a nice dress and mixing it with the athletic field or arena to really present something stylish and different. Our style of photography is about getting it right in camera, and focusing on beautiful light, expression, and having fun. We were not a fan of the over photoshopped composites and effects and wanted a more timeless presentation for our Dallas Sports Portraits.

In addition we loved that we could help show athletes in a light that many may not have ever seen them in before. With a sophisticated, well-fitting outfit that we can help you pick out. Guys will typically wear a few looks for their session. One is a full suit, another a more casual but fashion-forward and layered outfit, and then possibly a few in their jersey or letterman jacket. Ladies are similar in that they will do one fancier outfit, one that is more casual yet very fashion oriented, and then possibly something with their team jersey.

What is the Difference From A Senior Portrait Session?

The main difference is that the Fashion Sports portraits are solely about the sports. Everything to do with the photos will be surrounding the particular sport that you choose, from location, outfit and props like balls or equipment. Most people are booking both of these sessions in order to have something to focus on that sport they have worked on their entire lives, and then a more general yet still fashion related Senior Portrait experience later in the year. Some students will find that the Sports Portraits is enough for their entire Senior portrait experience. That is completely up to each student.

sports senior pictures

we love photographing all sports

We have had the pleasure to photograph almost every kind of sports you can think of. However, we do have a few that we would still love to check off our list. What sport does your athlete play? 

Not all of our sports senior pictures take place on the field or court.  A lot of seniors decide to have just a small representation of their sport included in their portraits. Sometimes it’s just a small connection to their sport. For instance, we photographed a swimmer that we decided to take to the lake. The water was the connection to his sport without it being at the pool

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Jeff Dietz Photography has photographed seniors at all of these High Schools: 

prosper high school frisco schools: wakeland, memorial, liberty, independence  |  st mark’s  |  john paul II  |  bishop lynch  |  southlake carroll  |  dallas jesuit  |  parish episcopal  |  southwest christian  |  fort worth christian  |  legacy christian  |  prestonwood christian  |  allen high  |  denton guyer  |  coppell  |  colleville  |  prince of peace catholic  |  byron nelson  |  mckinney schools: mckinney high, mckinney north, boyd plano schools: plano west, plano east, plano high  |  wylie  |  richardson  |  ennis

behind the scenes

Take a tour behind the scenes of one of our photoshoots with former Prosper Basketball stand out Jordyn Oliver.

We Photographed Senior Teams for Prosper and Allen High School

Prosper High School Football

Prosper Eagles Senior Football program cover for 2018 photos by Jeff Dietz

We photographed the cover of this years Prosper Football team for the cover of their program sold by the boosters. This cover looked amazing in print! I look forward to doing it again this upcoming year in the new stadium.

Prosper High School Lacrosse

Four of the Senior members of Prosper Lacrosse hired us to do a special photo as a group that has grown up together. It was our pleasure to deliver something special.

Allen High School Football

There are a lot of seniors on the team for Allen Football. Multiple State and National Championships has built one of the most respected programs in the country. We were asked this year to photograph their Senior Team Poster for this year.  We also photographed two of the ads for local businesses that will be featured in the Allen Football program this year, including Bob Tomes Ford in McKinney and the back cover for C3 Auto in Plano, TX.

Photographing sports senior pictures for high school athletes across Dallas Fort Worth.