Keaton at the Boxing Gym - Plano Senior Photographer

Keaton is a recent graduate of Plano Senior High School - Plano, TX

plano senior photos in title boxing gym Mckinney Tx
Keaton sitting by the practice boxing ring at Title Boxing Gym - McKinney, TX

We had the pleasure of working with Keaton who is a recent graduate from Plano Senior High School. Keaton is also featured in our video ad for the suit program that we offer. One of his favorite things is going to the boxing gym so it was a perfect fit for one of our Fashion Sports Portraits for his senior photos.

When we first met Keaton to talk about being his Plano Senior Photographer

We first met Keaton when we scheduled is pre-photo shoot consultation. I had spoken to his mom who had contacted us, looking for someone that could really do something special for her son’s photos. We were referred by another photographer that they should reach out to us. Isn’t that great? She told me the story of how Keaton has worked really hard to lose weight and get in shape and that boxing was something that he really found a home in and it became a really good hobby of his. Boxing, of course, is also a great work out. 

That sparked the idea for me right away of what would be perfect for his senior photos. I always try to identify something that is a passion for the student and that they enjoy doing in their High School years so that the photos have more meaning to them. 

I searched around for a boxing gym that had a neat look to it and that had a boxing ring that we could work with. Title Boxing Club in McKinney Texas answered the call and could not have been nicer in helping us out. A BIG thank you to them. If you are looking to get in shape, definitely check them out (I’ll list their contact info below)

plano senior photos in boxing gym wearing blue suit from ISW plano tx
No detail untouched as we lit the gym for the look we were going for including lighting the bags behind him

The Suit program - Plano Senior Photographer

So Keaton was one of the first people that went through our suit program. I developed this because I wanted to do something nice for the guys so that they feel special in their senior portrait experience just like the ladies. We also believe, of course, that having a new perfect fitting stylish suit is going to certainly increase the look of their portrait session with us

We take the guys when they are interested, to ISW in Plano. There they can pick from a selection of suits that we will purchase for them as part of their session fee. They then can keep the suits after the photos and use them for college and job interviews or even things like the prom or homecoming. 

To the right, you can see a video we did showing Keaton as we went along with him to help pick out his suit.

plano senior portraits in the gym with MMA workout bags in suit
This work out bags made a perfect spot for a photo at the Title Boxing Club in McKinney TX

A pile of randomly stacked work out bags

I like to think I have a creative way of seeing things that just pop into my head for photo ideas. I saw this stack of MMA work out style bags sitting next to the workout ring. I installed loved the mix of all of the colors of Red and Black that also matched with the ropes of the ring. I moved a few of them around to get a spot to place Keaton into them and it worked out great. 

plano senior photos in boxing gym by mckinney portrait photographer Jeff dietz

An Iconic Photograph - Plano Senior Photographer

This is one of my favorite photos that we have done since creating the Fashion Sports Portraits concept. It has received praise from photographers across the country, which is always a welcomed honor to receive. 

What I like about it is the real action taking place in the photo, the slight expression and the way that his jacket flies back while driving the punch. 

The blue suit and brown shoes are also really accented here and it reminds me of a photo for an expensive ad campaign. 

One of the things that set us apart from other photographers, is our knowledge and execution of advanced lighting techniques. This is actually a very technically challenging photograph and everything came together so nicely to get us this photograph.

Show us what you have learned Keaton!

Finally came the time where Keaton could let loose a bit and get some action in. There are about thirty heavy bags hanging at the Title Boxing Club in McKinney and you could tell that Keaton was holding back all day wanting to get a work out in on them. 

So we changed outfits into more work out attire and had him put on the gloves for some action shots. This was my favorite of the group, which really shows off his muscles as he strikes the heavy bag.

We then took a few posed shots amongst the bags like you see below in the next photo.

Dallas Senior Photographer gym punching bag action photos
Keaton works the bag for a few action shots
Keaton looks like he is straight out of an ad for Title Boxing Gym. Can you believe this is his first time in a photo shoot?

Additional Senior Portraits - Plano Senior Photographer

Below you can see more of the photos from Keaton’s senior fashions Sports Portraits. I really enjoyed this photo shoot. A lot of work went into it. I might do a future posting where I will show you a couple behind the scenes videos of all of the setup that was involved to create these Senior Portraits. 

Until then, enjoy looking at more of the shots below. And of course, we are ready to book your session for your son or daughter!

plano senior photographer in a gym in mckinney for boxer
Plano east senior photographer poses in boxing gym for sports photos
Dallas best sports photographer poses plano senior in boxing gym
dallas editorial sports photographer photographs plano senior in boxing gym

A Big thanks to Title Boxing Club in McKinney Texas

Thank you again to Title Boxing Club in McKinney Texas for allowing us this special opportunity to do our photos here at their gym. They could not have been nicer to work with. 

So if you are looking for a great work out to join, give them a call and let them know we sent you!

Title Boxing Club of Mckinney
Located: 5080 Virginia Parkway Suite 800 McKinney, TX
Call: (214) 856-7007

Student Athletes on this site do not represent an ‘endorsement’ by those athletes and they are subject to same prices as offered to anyone.

Jeff Dietz is a top Plano Senior Photographer based in McKinney Texas.