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Hello Prosper High School seniors and parents! We are so excited to work with you. We have photographed more Prosper Seniors that any other school in DFW by far. Why is that? We actually started our Fashion Sports portraits with several seniors from Prosper and people loved them so much that our reputation has continued to grow throughout the school. Whether it’s working at the Children’s Health Stadium, the practice field, or throughout the town of Prosper, we have had a blast taking photos there.

location ideas for prosper senior pictures

There are a ton of great locations for senior portraits in Prosper Texas. It is a beautiful area with great schools that are constantly expanding. Rock Hill High School just opened and there are more school expansions on the way! Click on any of the photos below to see a larger view.

Prosper Senior Portraits Childrens Health Stadium Photos Prosper Tx

children's health stadium - prosper, tx

The brand new and stunning Children’s Health Stadium is pretty amazing. It does cost a small fee to do a photoshoot there, but don’t worry we have all the connections to make it happen.

See more about the stadium HERE

Prosper Senior Football Portraits Practice Field Prosper High School

football practice field - prosper high

Sometimes the stadium isn’t available when we would like to photograph your senior. The practice field is also a great alternative. Located right at Prosper high School, it is also the field for soccer and lacrosse. 

Prosper Senior Basketball Photos Arena High School

prosper basketball arena

This arena is very unique for a high school basketball court. It features 360 seating that makes it a great background no matter what angle we shoot at. Pictured above is Prosper standout Jordyn Oliver who now plays for Duke. You can see her full photoshoot here.

Prosper Senior Wrestling Photos Practice Room Prosper High

prosper wrestling room

It’s all about angles in the wrestling practice room. It is definitely a small room with no light. But we bring all that with us to create something awesome. For instance, in this photo we used the element of the ropes to create depth and more interest in the photo.

Prosper Senior Photos At Silos Downtown Prosper 1

the silos - prosper, tx

The silos are well known in Prosper. When we got the request to do a senior shoot there, we still wanted to take a new twist on it. These railroad wood pieces were perfect to pose on. The silos became more of a subtle background. 

Prosper Senior Portraits Downtown Dallas Skyline Buildings

downtown dallas texas

To get the city look in Prosper Texas, you pretty much have to go into downtown Texas. There is nothing else in the area like it. Many of our seniors have been booking a two-day photoshoot where they have one in downtown and one at the sports fields in Prosper. 

Prosper Senior Women's Basketball Player - Jordyn Oliver

behind the scenes

Take a look behind the curtain at one of our photoshoots. We had a film crew come out because we wanted to give you just a peek at what it’s like at one of our senior portraits. Photographed at a private residence in Prosper Texas. Check out more of our  Fashion Sports Portraits

prosper lacrosse

We had a lot of fun taking photos of this group of Lacrosse friends. They were all seniors and had grown up together. Their parents wanted to do something special outside of the standard and boring team photos. So we came out and did a special senior friends shoot and it was so much fun. These were photographed at the practice field at Prosper High School.

Prosper Senior Lacrosse Team Photos Group

prosper senior college celebration day

We like to celebrate the guys who are seniors as they are often not thought of or left out of fun activities like this. We saw that the young ladies would do these fun photo shoots every year featuring a t-shirt from the college they will be attending. So with talking with one of the parents, we decided to offer this to the guys for a fun day with their friends. Ten students from Prosper came out to the first one, and you can see some of those photos from the day below. Photographed at the Heritage Village in Frisco Texas.


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