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Sam Back on the Football Field - Prosper Senior Pictures

Photographed at Prosper High School

We are back out on the football field at the high school to photograph Sam’s Prosper Senior Pictures. This has become one of our most photographed locations, and every time I go there I try to create something new. I think we accomplished that with this shoot!

Prosper senior pictures of football player in suit at the practice field
Sam was a full back for the Prosper Eagles Football team

2019 Prosper Senior Football - You Can Still Get Your Sports Portraits Done

Sam will be a 2019 graduate of Prosper High School in just a few short months. We got to meet Sam and his family when I put together a special college day for the senior guys that go to the school. We had ten kids come out to show off where they will be going to college and Sam was one of them. 

From there we talked about having him come in to memorialize all his hard work and years playing football by doing his Fashion Sports Portraits as his senior portraits. 

It is definitely not too late for any 2019 athlete of any sport to come in to have their photos done. It’s also not too early for 2020 to start booking. This is a great time of year because you can beat the heat as well as it is a bit easier to get access to the fields in the offseason. 

prosper senior pictures of football player in green jersey holding a football in the bleachers
One of his Mom's favorite photos of Sam sitting in the bleachers overlooking the field - Prosper Tx

Prosper Senior Pictures at the Practice Field

As you pull into the High School, you can see the shadow of the Prosper new stadium rising. It’s impressive and hard to imagine that in just a few short months it will be filled with this year’s Prosper Eagles as they chase a state championship. 

For now, we are back where we have created so many awesome photographs as we did for Lee and Devin and many others. This field is nothing short of stunning, and to imagine it is only a practice field. 

This is one of those locations that I could have spent an entire week in photographing each of the cars and details. 

prosper senior football player in a suit on the field at the high school

Off To Colorado

Sam will be heading off to Colorado for college and I know he will have fond memories of his time at Prosper High School. He mentioned during the shoot that this was the practice field that he would spend so many mornings before school having practices and it is something that he will remember. 

Now, he and his parents will also have amazing photographs in print that they can also look at back at for generations to come. 

This is why we are a print first studio. We are creating pieces of art that will live in your home and be passed down and enjoyed by generations. 

prosper senior next to eagles goal post on the practice field
prosper senior pictures football player by punching bags on the practice field

Coming Next

We have some really fun stuff to show you coming up. We have an in-studio photo shoot that we did for a senior girl, a business photo shoot for a fitness company, some more local spotlights of locals from McKinney, and some exciting news coming soon for the Prosper and Allen 2019 football teams. Keep checking back for more. 

prosper senior in green jersey with a football in the bleacher at the high school

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  1. Great photos, the play by play adds quite a bit in helping us to understand (a bit) of what the photographer is experiencing leading up to each shot (a glimpse at a muse?)

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