prosper lacrosse senior player with stick over shoulders and blue sky for team photos

Prosper Lacrosse Senior Friends Get Together for Team Photos

Photographed at Frontier Park in Prosper, TX

We had the pleasure to once again head out to the High School to photograph the Prosper Lacrosse team. This time we worked with a select couple of the students who wanted to have some photos that really stood out and that they could take together as friends. Below you can check out more of the photos.

prosper lacrosse goalie blocks a shot in senior portraits at high school
Richard sits in his 1963 Pontiac LeMans Convertible - McKinney, Texas

You Don't Have to Settle for the School Photographer

Some of the lacrosse players contacted me to talk about doing something more dynamic than what the school contracted team photographer was going to take for this year’s photos. I said of course, as dynamic is what we do here. You have seen a lot of our Fashion inspired sports portraits that we have done with a lot of the Prosper students. This, however, was one of our first times working with team members in their uniforms. I definitely was up for the challenge and wanted to see what we could create that would stand out and be awesome. 

Four of the seniors this year came out for the photo shoot. I wanted to do a mix of photos from individual, an action photo, some group photos, and then also take the time to take some photos with their mom’s. 

Parents play a large role behind the scenes in the success of the student-athletes. I loved the idea of taking a quick moment at the end of the photo shoot to take a photo of each of the players with their moms. 

So if you want something different, definitely contact us. We can photograph individual photos, or talk to us about photographing the entire team. This is available for youth sports as well.

Cole Spurr

Cole is first up with his portraits from the day. He is a defenseman for his senior year at Prosper. These are the four different portraits that his parents decided to purchase.

portriat of prosper lacrosse player sitting by the goal #99 with stick
One of two red airplanes in the background of this portrait, matched our car perfectly.
lacrosse player standing in front of the goal with stick for prosper high school
prosper lacrosse player posing for a photo with stick over shoulders at pioneer park
prosper lacrosse player stands with his defensive stick in jersey at frontier park
One of two red airplanes in the background of this portrait, matched our car perfectly.

Lee Rowden

Lee is the goalie for the Prosper Eagles Lacrosse team. You will recognize him from a lot of the photos we have shown you before with his Fashion Sports Portraits of both football and lacrosse. Lee will go on to play college lacrosse in Florida. We tried a really creative idea with his photos of photographing him through the goalie net. 

This is what gave the photo that unique pattern and I really like how it turned out. 

prosper lacrosse goalie poses with stick and blue skies by the net senior portraits
creative lacrosse photo photographed through the net of prosper senior goalie

Cabe Parham

Cabe is a duel sports athlete with both lacrosse and wrestling. He is also a defenseman for the team and wears jersey number 16. He has a bright future with either sport he decides to continue on with to the next level.

prosper lacrosse offensive player #16 poses for a portrait in front of the goal

Cole Schmitt

Cole is listed as an attacker on offense for the Prosper lacrosse team. We did some fun action shots with him as you see below. Pioneer park made for an excellent spot for us to take the team photos. The field is absolutely beautiful with its artificial turf, and we lucked out with some excellent blue skies. 

You can see below one of the photos that we did with his mom as well. 

Prosper offensive lacrosse player jumping for team photo
prosper lacrosse player for mom and son photo of senior players at the high school field
offensive #32 prosper lacrosse player by goal with stick for senior team photos

Prosper Lacrosse Team Photos

And finally, we have the team photos that we did of the players altogether. Below this photo, you can also see the ad that we helped the parents design which will run in the program for this year’s games. 

How many team photos have you seen lately for High school that look this awesome? I really like how they turned out. I would love to work with even more teams in Prosper as well as Frisco and my town of McKinney. So if that is you, definitely give me a call. 

If you would like to catch one of the games and cheer on Prosper, their next home game is:

April 5th at 5pm vs  Cumberland Academy

April 7th at 1pm vs Woodlands

April 13th at 1pm vs Plano Senior High School

See the entire Prosper Lacrosse Schedule.

Prosper lacrosse team photo of senior members at pioneer park
senior ad for program of lacrosse 2019 team at Prosper high school photographed at pioneer park


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