ZACH 2020



McKinney north senior baseball senior portraits of zach garza by dallas photographer

ZACH 2020



Zach is a baseball player and McKinney North Senior for 2020. We have been looking forward to photographing a baseball player for our Fashion Sports portraits. These photos of Zach are some of our best to date! I hope you enjoy!

Mckinney north senior baseball pitching from the mound in a suit
Zach is a pitcher for the McKinney North Bulldogs

MNHS Baseball Field - McKinney North Senior Portraits

What a beautiful stadium the McKinney North Bulldogs have to play in. Zach came out with his parents and his brother “Nacho” to all enjoy the experience of his senior portraits. 

Being from the North of Pennsylvania, we are use to having grass and dirt fields. But this all turf field is beautiful and looks so nice in photographs. It rained hard the day before the shoot and you can’t even tell with the field conditions and how quick it dried. 

I had about 1,000 ideas for this photo shoot (and I still have more). The action shot above was actually one of the last ones that we did. 

Mckinney north senior baseball player holding two bats on the mnhs field in mckinney texas
A creative idea from Zach's McKinney North Senior Portraits

Creativity - No boring photos allowed

Zach and his family were so awesome with allowing us to really play and experiment with a lot of different creative ideas. As I say this at the beginning of every photo shoot “We are going to try a bunch of things… some things will work out and some won’t. Let’s just have fun with it!”

The shot above was one of those experiments and I love it! One bat is ‘normal’ and what might be expected. We can’t have that now can we? Two bats makes the photo dynamic and makes you stop and take notice. 

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mckinney north senior baseball player poses with his bat behind his shoulders for his senior pictures
Our Fashion Sports Portraits are like stepping out of the pages of GQ or Sports Illustrated

Zach's Fashion - McKinney North Senior Portraits

Take a look at this awesome shot of Zach’s! This could be at home in the pages of GQ for sure!

Zach is wearing a dark navy blue suit with a plaid blue and red accent tie. His shirt has a slight blue pattern which matches well with his navy jacket and pants. 

The brown belt goes nicely with his brown shoes, topped off with socks in McKinney North colors.

The accessories of the day were also selected on purpose. I wanted the look and feel of a traditional wood bat vs using what they normally play with which is aluminum. Both the color of the bat as well as the natural wood grain work really well with his outfit and the colors in the field. 

McKinney north senior baseball bulldogs in a suit for senior pictures
Zach looking stylish in his navy blue suit, plaid tie, brown shoes and school colored socks

Lighting, Color Tuning, and Posing All Come Together

Normally, I am known for using my apple box (wood box) for people to sit on. It seemed like a natural switch for this shoot to use the bucket of balls. 

Timing is everything in a photo like this. Not only the motion of the ball being in just the right spot, but also his expression and swagger really make this photo. 

I use a ‘secret sauce’ type of color toning on my photos that take them to the next level and give them the editorial magazine style and look. 

mckinney north senior portraits of baseball player zach garza
mckinney senior baseball player on the field for senior sports photos

A Baseball Field Can be a Photographers Dream Playground

There are so many ideas, poses, and things to interact with on the baseball field that I could spend several weeks there and not run out of things to photograph. 

This is the protective netting that is in between the dug out and the field. The skies were just perfect during the photo shoot and I knew I wanted to try using this for a photo. 

The lower angle of the photo really works well here.

creative senior portraits of mckinney north senior baseball player zach by dallas senior photographer

One of My Favorite - McKinney North Senior Portraits

The creativity continues with this photo on the pitchers mound. Zach is one of the top pitchers for his team and we wanted to make sure to highlight that for his photo shoot. 

I thought it would be a fun and different look to have him sit on the mound in this pose above. This was right before we started the action series that you are going to see next. 

Mckinney north senior pitcher throwing from the mound in a suit
Mckinney North Bulldogs pitcher Zach Garza for senior pictures

The Wind-Up, and the Pitch!

These shots definitely take some timing and a couple of tries. As his brother “Nacho” helped us catch, we rattled off a series of these shots until we got just the right finished pose in action. 

This is the ultimate type of photo for the style that we do for McKinney North Senior Portraits. It combines the sport with the fashion look of an editorial men’s magazine. That is our style!

McKinney North Senior baseball player for the bulldogs for senior pictures

Time to Step Up to the Plate!

In addition to Zach’s pitching abilities, we also wanted to showcase what he can do at the plate. 

I thought this was a fun idea to use multiple bats to again make it different and interesting. The mix ture of the wood bats in different colors really sets such a different look than you get if were to use the aluminum bats that have all of the graphics on them. 

I love that we were also able to capture the Bulldogs Baseball sign in the background. 

Check Out More Photos Below of Zach's McKinney North Senior Pictures!

We have so much more to show you below from Zach’s senior pictures. We also have some that he did in his letterman jacket and more of the action as he poses in his suit throughout the field. 

Have you seen enough and are ready to book your Fashion Sports Senior Portraits with us? If so, call us right now at (214) 998-7001 or click the button below to fill out our contact form. 

Seniors around the area also have off of school for the entire week of Novermber 23rd. So give us a call to schedule your spot while your son doesn’t have classes. 

Let us know what you think of Zach’s senior pictures in the comments below

McKinney North Senior portraits of baseball player zach in Mckinney, TX
McKinney North Senior portraits of baseball player zach in Mckinney, TX
McKinney North Senior portraits of baseball player zach in Mckinney, TX
McKinney North Senior portraits of baseball player zach in Mckinney, TX
McKinney North Senior portraits of baseball player zach in Mckinney, TX
McKinney North Senior portraits of baseball player zach in Mckinney, TX
McKinney North Senior portraits of baseball player zach in Mckinney, TX
McKinney North Senior portraits of baseball player zach in Mckinney, TX
McKinney North Senior portraits of baseball player zach in Mckinney, TX


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