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We never like to do things like everyone else. And it is no diferent when it comes to our prom photos. We took inspiration from the amazing Vanity Fair Oscar portraits photographed each year my Mark Seliger and wondered, what if we were to bring this look to high school prom. And that is exactly what we did!

We created an awesome, multi backdrop set right in downtown Dallas and invited some of our senior portrait clients to come out with some of their friends. 

has your prom already passed?

No problem! These do not have to take place on your prom date. You are not too late.

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dallas prom photos in studio by photographer Jeff dietz photography
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Dallas Prom Photos

turning the traditional prom portraits on their head. So what makes them different?

bishop lynch prom photos by photographer jeff dietz photography

the ultimate prom experience in dallas texas

Truly a celebrity like experience with a set design, beautiful photographic lighting, and iconic posing that are not offered anywhere else in all of Dallas

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so how much?

what does the prom photos cost?

There are a lot of variables that make up your investment price. We can discuss those in more detail with you when you schedule your free consultation.

dallas prom photos of bishop lynch seniors in studio jeff dietz photography

Starts at: $390

per couple

Prints, artwork, and images purchased separately

Gallery 1 - Bishop lynch prom photos

Our couples here are from Bishop Lynch High School and Jackson is one of our past senior portrait clients from the class of 2023. Here you can see some of the photos of him and his girlfriend Alex as they pose in 3 different unique backdrop sets. Each set was carefully designed to go with her dress and his suit. Color selection plays a large part in the finished look of these prom photos and we will help you match for the best look. 

We love being able to take these prom photos into the studio where we can spend valuable time putting the couples in fun poses, lighting them perfectly and creating the perfect expressions for the mood we want to portray. 

Check out the photos of Jackson and Alex below.

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Gallery 2 - dallas prom photos

Our second couple’s gallery are also seniors at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas Texas. We were able to capture two different dresses that fit her perfectly and both were again color coordinated to our backdrops. The style for this couple was a bit more fun and playful with letting them laugh and smile with each other and cuddle together naturally. 

It’s important to find what type of mood is the right fit for the personality of the couple and individual person. It will make them feel like their photos represent who they are. 

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dallas prom photos - group

The photoshoot wouldn’t be complete without some photos of them all together as a group of friends. We invite you to come as a group of friends and book several hours together so that you can experience not just individual and couples portraits, but also photos together as a group. 

It is such a great way to create memories and remember your group of friends from high school. It’s an awesome time of celebration.

group photo of friends at prom from Bishop lynch high school

A group of Bishop Lynch senior friends pose together in their Dallas prom photos.


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