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greenhill senior portraits

connor on the lake in Grapevine Texas

Connor was a senior at Greenhill High School in Dallas Texas. Yet another first for us as we have our first senior from Greenhill. Connor loves the outdoors so we felt that Murrell Park at Grapevine Lake would be the perfect spot for his senior portraits.

greenhill senior portraits at Murrell Park

Murrell Park is pretty unique for Dallas. It gives you a tiny feel of being on Colorado or on the shores of California, only it’s a lake. We got up bright and early for a sunset photo shoot for Connor’s senior portraits. Connor decided to keep his outfit a little more casual to match his personal style. Of course, we love that. 

Murrell Park

It really is a beautiful location. The trick to a successful senior portrait at Murrell Park is getting there super early. You need to beat the crowds. When you get there right as the sun is rising, the only people there are a few fishermen. 

The way the sun comes off the lake and the mix of the colorful texture of the rocks makes for a really fun location that is far different than our photoshoots in downtown Dallas. 

We will be back here soon and exploring some new areas around the lake.

Our first Greenhill Senior will certainly not be our last. This is also only our second time doing senior portraits at this beautiful location.
Murrell Park - Grapevine Lake Texas
Greenhill Senior Portraits

The view at grapevine lake is stunning. Connor wanted something deep into nature and outside of the look of the city. He decided to go with the casual look with khakis and an open button-down that fits his personality. We always encourage seniors to make their photos about who they are.

Connor looks off towards the rising son as he thinks about his future plans after graduating from Greenhill School. 

Greenhill School Dallas Texas

Greenhill senior pictures

Greenhill school is right in the heart of upper Dallas in Addison. It’s a relatively larger school for a private institution and has about 1200 students. Unlike St Mark’s, Greenhill teaches both girls and boys. You can learn more about Greenhill School by going to their website here.  

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