Rockwall senior pictures

chris guards the goal for rockwall

Chris is the goalie for the rockwall high soccer team

Rockwall senior pictures

Rockwall practice field and the harbor rockwall

We get to check off another another High School on our growing list of schools that we have photographed seniors. Chris is a senior at Rockwall High School in Texas. We join him on the soccer field where he is a goalie on the team. 

rockwall senior pictures on the soccer field

For Chris’ Rockwall senior pictures we went to the practice field. Since it was out of season, we didn’t have a goal to work with but we did have amazing clouds and that worked just fine for us. We were able to mix in a few action shots of him performing goalie kicks as well as some throwing against the blue and white puffy clouds for a background. 

Including the lights in the shot and framing him inside of the blue of the sky and break of the clouds as well as the great, manly lighting we achieved in this photo really make it a great shot. 

An action  shot of Chris kicking off from the goal down field.

Here are a few more photos from the Rockwall Soccer Field

then we head to the Harbor Rockwall

Next, we took a quick drive over to The Harbor Rockwall for the second half of Chris’ photos. This was my first time at this location for senior portraits. It is a beautiful place with lots of different shops and restaurants. It has a giant fountain and waterfall that we used for photos as well as some great views of the lake. 

Towards the end we also found some sale boats out on the lake and used those in our. background. I can’t wait to get back out there again as the ideas are endless. 

I also had lunch after the photos at a really nice restaurant called Rodeo Goat. Great food, good price and very good service. Check them out!

Our first photoshoot at the Harbor Rockwall did not disappoint. Beautiful views of the lake, lots of backgrounds to pick from, and yummy lunch spots for after we were done. What more can you ask for?
The Harbor Rockwall
Rockwall Senior Pictures
rockwall senior portraits at the rockwall harbor

Probably the biggest fountain and waterfall that you will find in Texas. From certain views it looks like it pours out right into the lake. The skies could not have been nicer for our portraits on this day.

Here is a wider view of Chris at the fountain. Careful… don’t fall in! 

We have started to dabble in additional and creative looks for close up photos. For this it’s all about the swagger. Play the role and get into the mood of the photo and experiment with different facial expressions and you can really come out with some great photos! I also love how these two images compliment each other. 

The style of the shoot

rockwall senior pictures

Chris decided to only do the one outfit for all of his Rockwall senior pictures. That is great with us! It’s all about what you prefer. Some seniors use 2-3 outfits and some just like to rock the one outfit for all the photos. 

Here you see a well fitting navy blue suit with an accent tie in pink. Blue suits from darker navy to lighter seems to be the most popular amongst the seniors. 

Have you enjoyed what you have seen? If you are a Rockwall senior or go to any other school in Dallas, we would love to photograph your senior pictures and make them something truly memorable. 

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