black and white senior pictures

black and white senior pictures

dallas texas

I LOVE black and white photography. It’s timeless, classic, and really showcases beautiful lighting and composition. Since we are always setting new trends in senior portraits, I thought to myself how cool it could look if I take some of our most iconic images from the last several years and turned them into black and white senior pictures. 

I think they look amazing. One of the beauties of black and white is that they can look amazing and classy hanging on the wall of your home and they go with any decor. So what do you think? Would you consider having some of your senior portraits in black and white?

Imagine your Senior portraits in black and white

dallas senior portraits

what are some of the benefits of black and white senior pictures?

The classic black and white senior pictures are timeless

Check out the contrast in this photo below. Even though it’s stunning in color, when you turn it into black and white senior pictures it takes on a whole new dimension. His dark suit balances with the white contrast of the giant eyeball and it’s defining darker pupil. 

Even more depth is added with how we lit his face for this portrait. A split lighting with shadow on one side and light on the other is a perfect mix to show the shadow and light of a black and white photo. 

Every shade and tone between pure white to dark black are represented in this photo. 

Black and white senior pictures in Deep Ellum in Dallas, Tx

Gallery 1 - Fashion Sports Portraits meet black and white senior pictures

I first selected images to transform from our Fashion Sports portraits which have become well known throughout the country. I love the mix of the action and energy in these images and how it looks in black and white. It gives a crispness to their expressions as they are in action or their look of determination. 

Enjoy a look through the gallery below which features seniors from schools all across Dallas and Fort Worth over the past 4 years. 

Senior quarterback at Coppell High School in black and white

Gallery 2 - Black And white senior pictures of non-athletes

We photographed a lot of non athletes the last few years. Everything from band members to motorcycle and car fans, portraits by the lake, throughout the city and so much more. 

Below are some of our favorite images from over the years that i thought would look cool in black and white. Let us know which is your favorite. 

Black and white senior pictures taken in studio in Dallas Texas


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