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Hello Carroll Seniors! Carroll is one of our newer areas that has been booming lately. Every shoot I have done here has really overwhelmed me by how awesome it turned out. Brody’s shoot at the old Dragon’s stadium might be my favorite. The rustic nature of the old stadium gave the photos that little bit of patina that made them extra special. Mix in our lighting, a great pose, and awesome seniors to work with and we can create something special! This page is all about Southlake Carroll. With all of our location pages we will continuously update after shoots in the area as we have more information to share.

location ideas for southlake senior pictures

We have only started to scratch the surface when it comes to location ideas in Southlake. From the old Dragon’s stadium, to the Timarron Country Club or the town square. What areas have we not seen yet? Here are just a few good ideas for senior portrait locations in Southlake. 

Carroll Senior Pictures Old Dragon Stadium Southlake

old dragon stadium - southlake, tx

We selected the Old Dragon Stadium when we couldn’t gain access to the main field. This can happen depending on the school. We were originally a little bummed about it. But once we started working on the field, we knew it had some hidden magic. Not just the rustic stands you see here, but there is also an old scoreboard that has the perfect amount of aging on it to provide a great background (you can find this image below in the gallery)

Carroll Senior Pictures Baseball Stadium Southlake Tx

Carroll Baseball stadium

This is a beautiful baseball diamond. The perk about fields in Texas is that almost all of them are artificial turf. That causes the surface to dry fast in case you have some rain earlier in the day. There are so many ideas you can photograph at a baseball field. Home plate, the player’s position, the dugouts, outfield, the stands, it is never-ending. 

Southlake Town Square Carroll Senior Pictures For Boys

southlake town square

The key to photographing in Southlake Town Square is the day that you select. We were there on a Sunday so the shops didn’t open until close to noon. This is similar to what we see at Shops at Legacy in Plano. There is a nice underpass like you see above, a park area with benches and a fountain, and some nice areas to walk around. They have a ton of fun stores that you can see here.

Southlake Senior Pictures Downtown Dallas

downtown dallas texas

Photographing Carroll senior pictures doesn’t mean that you have to stay just in Southlake. Half of our seniors from Carroll had their photos taken in downtown Dallas or added a second day to their photoshoot to go downtown. 

Carroll Senior Pictures Timarron Country Club Golg Southlake

timarron country club - southlake

Golf courses are beautiful to work at. This is one of the nicest ones I have been to. The Timarron Country Club. We used to photograph a lot of weddings on golf courses and they always had amazing scenery. There is one caveat, however. You will need to be a member or know someone who is that can get you access. We photographed this Carroll senior on a Monday when the course was closed for maintenance.

Southlake Carroll Senior Pictures Artwork For Senior Portraits

wall art collections

Artwork is such an amazing thing to have in your home. Our artwork is designed to look awesome in any home. The piece that you see here of Jake from Southlake Carroll is photographed at the Timmaron Country Club. It consists of four photographs that are all included on one finished piece, complete with a black wooden frame. The white border gives the piece a museum-quality finish. 

This piece of artwork is printed to high-quality photographic paper and then mounted to a sheet of metal backing. It is then treated with a protective spray and mounted inside of a floating oak frame. 

We carry an example of this artwork that we can bring to your ordering appointment. 


jake | golfer on the greens

southlake senior pictures at timmaron country club

See all of the photos from Jake’s senior portraits and the story behind his photos at the golf club.

Carroll Senior Pictures Golf Timarron Country Club Southlake 004

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