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Track in Downtown with Zach - Frisco Liberty Senior Pictures

Photographed at the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Trinity Groves, and downtown Dallas Texas

Zach was brave in this scorched 100 degree Dallas Texas day as we ventured out to the Trinity Groves area for his Frisco Liberty Senior Pictures. 

This was my first time working on the bridge, and then we ventured down into downtown of Dallas to take more with the large skyscrapers for our background.

frisco liberty senior portraits of track in suit on dallas bridge
Zach looking sharp in his blue suit and red bow tie on the bridge in Dallas

Frisco Liberty Senior Pictures

We are so excited this year at all of the new schools that we have branched out into. This was our first photoshoot with a senior from Frisco Liberty. Zach looks dashing in his blue slim fit suit and bow tow. 

Zach is a member of the Track & Field and Cross Country team for the Frisco Liberty Redhawks. When we talked to Zach and his parents they had mentioned how they loved my Fashion Sports Portraits, but for their senior they didn’t want to focus on taking the photos on the track. 

So after looking at some sample photos at the studio, we determined that the background of the NY skyline would be perfect. I knew that there were ways that we could mix in small elements of the track

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge - Dallas TX

Everyone that is from Dallas knows of the famous Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. It’s the big white arched bridge that stands out as you look across to the Dallas skyline. You can’t miss it. 

These shots we did were actually across from that on the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge. This is a closed off bridge where you will see a lot of people walking, taking exercise classes (yes even in the heat), riding bikes and enjoying the view. 

For our purposes, the best part about this bridge was that it’s great for getting a background with the Hunt Hill Bridge. 

Dealing with the blistering sun, I used it to our advantage for a second light source. Here to the right you see Zach posing with some of the green foliage on the bridge which makes for a nice background mixed into the cement of the streets. 

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dallas senior portraits on the walking bridge overlooking the city in suit
frisco liberty senior track poses for photos with cleats around neck in downtown dallas
Zach in downtown Dallas for his Frisco Liberty Senior PIctures with his track cleats

Mixing Track & Field into the Dallas City Skyline

Here is an example of how we mixed Zach’s passion for his running into his Senior Portraits in the city. Sometimes just mixing in a small element like his cleats is enough to bring the sport into the photos. It’s subtle but matches well with his suit and style. 

The white cleats with gold trim work nicely against the bold blue in the suit. 

Zach is a distance runner for the Frisco Liberty Redhawks.

frisco liberty senior pictures in downtown dallas in a chair with suit

Relaxing in the Big City

This is one of my favorite photos from Zach’s Frisco Liberty Senior Pictures. I had asked his mom to bring along a chair for us to use as a prop. This photo was taken near the Statler Hotel in downtown Dallas Texas. 

I love this pose with his arm on the back of the chair and the rustic nature of the city behind him as the sun starts to set. To me this look has a sense of confidence to it like he is ready to take on his senior year. 

dallas senior portraits in the city with a suit

Casual Outfits with a Softer Setting

Breaking the look of the hard city for his next, more casual outfit, we wondered around the block to find a few different areas that would look nice. I really like to do this where I just roam around a city block or area and pick out things right on the spot that we can use for interesting backgrounds. 

Zach’s second outfit was a button down pattern shirt with a vest and nice pair of jeans. This is a nice second look as it is more casual than the suit but it is still sophisticated. 

frisco liberty senior boy in a relaxed outfit jeans and vest downtown dallas

Frisco Liberty Senior - Letterman Jacket

A popular choice for many of the seniors for their third outfit is their letterman jacket. This again serves as a nice way to include some of Zach’s passion for Track & Field into the photoshoot. 

The red and black of the Redhawk colors really pop for these city photos. I knew I wanted to go simple with the background and just found a white wall that we could pose with. 

The idea for this photo came when I saw Zach fixing his hair and I thought it looked cool (use the wind to your advantage). This became one of his mom’s favorite photos with a real Jame’s Dean type of look. 

We added some additional strolling shots down the street to round out the rest of his Frisco Liberty Senior Photoshoot. 

frisco liberty senior pictures in letterman jacket track and field
A letterman jacket is often used for the seniors third outfit.
frisco liberty senior pictures in letterman jacket track and field walking
frisco liberty senior pictures in dallas blue suit hunt hill bridge in background

Follow Zach and the Frisco Liberty RedHawks Track & Field

Go out and support the Track and Cross Country teams as they start their year. You can learn more about their schedule and other school news by going to the Wingspan News website. 

We Would Love To Photograph More Track Athletes!

Track and Field is so much fun and there are so many individual events inside of it that we could have endless ideas for awesome photoshoots. 

If you have a senior who wants the best in Fashion Sports Portraits, please fill out the form here and get in touch with us. 

Someone will reach out to you within 24 hours to start discussing your senior!


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