Dallas Cheerleaders Senior Portraits from Allen Texas with megaphone

Dallas Cheerleaders - Count Down to Kickoff

Photographed at Allen High School

Are you as excited about the start of the High School Football season as these Dallas Cheerleaders are? Malorie and Bonnie came out to Allen High School practice field with us to help us show what we could do in a Fashion Sports – Cheerleading photo series. An awesome senior portrait experience for all of the Dallas cheerleaders out there! 

Check out more from this photoshoot below.

Dallas Cheerleaders Senior photos of Allen Cheerleaders countdown to kick off
Bonnie & Malorie show would it would look like if Tommy Hilfiger was designing your Dallas Cheerleaders outfits

Dallas Cheerleaders - photographed at The Home of the Fashion Sports Portraits

So as you know by looking at our website, we photograph a lot of male athletes for football, baseball, basketball and more. We created a style called the Fashion Sports Portraits, which blends the world of High School Sports with the style of GQ magazine. 

I wanted to expand this idea into what we could create for the Dallas Cheerleaders from all the area High Schools. 

The concept was similar to a campaign that Tommy Hilfiger did in which it was imagined with stylish uniforms for the 2020 cheerleader and what that could look like. I LOVED the idea and it brings a fresh look to cheerleading photos for the area. 

This look is fun for yourself, with your friend, or with the entire cheerleading squad.

Malorie & Bonnie - Dallas Cheerleaders

Malorie and Bonnie attend North DeSoto High School in Stonewall, LA. Yes, they came all the way to Allen to be photographed by us. Isn’t that awesome? 

They loved the idea of the fashion approach to senior portraits for cheerleaders. 

Pictured to the right is their first set of outfits. The golden-orange skirt was meant to resemble a cheerleading skirt and Bonnie’s blue pants work nicely with the school colors. 

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2 dallas cheerleaders friends pose for senior portraits on a bench at Allen ISD
Bonnie & Malorie show that the Fashion Sports Portraits are also for the cheerleaders!

Pull Up A Seat!

I wanted to incorporate more elements of the field into the photos. So I moved this players bench at an angle and it worked perfectly for them to pose on. 

I liked the bleachers in the background and how it completed the look of the environment that we were photographing in. I completed the look of the set with the school pom poms and megaphones. 

dallas cheerleader with red hair photographed at allen high school
Bonnie's beautiful red hair is featured in the contrast of the blue slacks and sunshine

Bonnie's First Outfit

Featuring a gold accent along the beltline, these blue, high waisted slacks worked perfectly on the field. Bonnie has beautiful red hair that glowed in the backlight of the sun. 

I wanted to add some energy into the shots with the photo on the right as she runs across the field with her megaphone. Bonnie is a senior who cheers for the Griffins. They open their season against Natchitoches Central on September 6th.

Malorie's First Outfit

Malorie is sporting a golden orange skirt that is similar to a cheerleading skirt but with more of a fashion look. The sleeveless white top is a great match on a hot day like this. It still gives you the flexibility to throw your hands in the air for a perfect cheer and get a little breeze (it was near 100 degrees during this photoshoot).

We have had the pleasure to photograph Malorie before for her modeling portfolio inside our studio. I’ll be making a separate post about that coming up soon. 

dallas cheerleader senior pictures with friends with a megaphone at allen stadium

Fashionable Dallas Cheerleaders!

I really like how this outfit combo came together. Bonnie (left) is wearing a longer skirt that reminds you a little of the cheerleading uniforms in the ’50s. Malorie’s (right) shorts are a great complement in color and bring in an element of texture with the plaid pattern. The tops are the same as in the last outfit and are very versatile for quick changes. 

Sunglasses add a fun element to the shot as well as they were looking right into the sun for these photos. They were definitely troopers on a near 100 degree Texas day. 

dallas high school cheerleader wearing sunglasses for senior portraits
Bonnie rocking the cat styled sunglasses in this Fashion Sports Portrait
Nothing but unique ideas at Jeff Dietz Photography for your senior portraits

We Like to Find Unique Ideas

This is a perfect example. You wouldn’t normally think of this spot on the field to feature for a photograph. There was something about the metal fencing that I thought worked really well with these outfits

Using the power of the sun as my lighting as well as some additional lighting from my assistants on the side, the ladies pop with a golden light accent. 

The hint of the football field in the background with the goalposts really finishes the story of this photograph.

dallas cheerleaders friends for senior portraits in casual jeans and vintage t-shirts

Final Outfit of the Day with Friends!

For our last outfit, we wanted to do something fun, casual, and comfortable. We decided to go with jeans, shorts and these vintage t-shirts. 

I think the colors work great against this blue sky and the fun nature of them sitting on the box together in their casual kicks. 

allen cheerleaders on practice field for senior portraits

Are you a Dallas Cheerleader? - It's Your Turn!

I hope that you have enjoyed checking out the photos with these Dallas Cheerleaders. and are ready to sign up for your own photoshoot. 

These photos are perfect to do for your senior portraits or to involve your entire cheer squad for unique team photos. Is your boyfriend a football player? Imagine mixing them into the photos wearing their uniform as background in your portraits. The ideas are endless.

Sign up for your Senior Portrait Consultation in the contact form here. Someone can reach out to you within 24 hours to talk to you about your senior!

Enjoy more photos below


fashion senior pictures of cheerleader at the field in dallas
allen cheerleaders on practice field for senior portraits
two allen cheerleaders posing for senior portraits on the football field
fashion inspired cheerleader senior portraits
two dallas cheerleaders posing for pictures for senior portraits
dallas senior portraits posing under the bleachers
allen Cheerleader posing for senior pictures on the field
dallas cheer senior pictures under the bleachers
two cheerleaders walking under the bleachers for allen senior pictures
two cheerleaders walking under the bleachers for allen senior pictures
allen cheerleaders standing in the bleachers for senior photos
red head allen Cheerleader posing for senior pictures on the field
friends senior pictures of cheerleaders at allen high school in tshirts
friends senior pictures of cheerleaders at allen high school in vintage tshirts

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