ADAM 2020



Memorial High School - Frisco, TX

Frisco senior portraits memorial high football wide receiver catching ball

ADAM 2020



Memorial High School - Frisco, TX

We are happy today to bring you the Frisco Senior Portraits of Adam, a wide receiver for the Warriors of Frisco Memorial High School. We join Adam on the practice field at the high school for some awesome Fashion Sports Portraits. Check out the photos below. 

frisco memorial senior portraits of football wide receiver in suit
Adam looking sharp in his navy blue suit for his Frisco Senior portraits

On the Field with Adam - Frisco Senior Portraits

Football is one of the sports we photograph the most so far for our Fashion Sports portraits, but we have yet to run out of ideas! You could probably think to yourself, Jeff, how much can you do? A football field is a football field, they are all the same in many ways. They all have 100 yards, end zones, goal posts, etc. But there is so much more that fills the stadium that gives it personality. Some stadiums are huge like the Allen Eagles football stadium. Some are medium-sized and some are downright small. 

There is also a lot of times that we are using the school’s practice field at the high school. None of this matters. Why? Because the photos are about your son, not just the field!

Adam was a nice young gentleman that we had the pleasure to work with. We met him with his mom and friend at the practice field at Memorial High School in Frisco, Texas.

When I arrive at a field, especially one I haven’t been to before, the first thing I do is take a little stroll around to look at different features of the field and what we might be able to use in different elements of the photos.
I’ll talk more about that after you check out another of his awesome shots!

frisco senior portraits of wide receiver in a tie on the football field
Adam, a Defensive Back and Wide Receiver, poses on the line like the ball is about to be snapped for his Frisco Senior Portraits

Elements of the Field

So as you can see in the photo above of Adam’s Frisco Senior Portraits, we can use different elements on the field and surrounding it to make an awesome photo. The bright white lines of the field contrasting the rich green of the artificial turf mixes with the moody nature of the clouds. 

Shooting at a lower angle allows us to put the emphasis on the sky more than the smaller nature of the practice field. The light poles can add balance to him and the pose he is in as well as help give a grander nature to the look of the field. 

It really is all about angles. We try to be mindful of all of the different elements that are in the frame of our finished photograph. 

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frisco senior portraits memorial high football player
Our Fashion Sports Portraits are like stepping out of the pages of GQ or Sports Illustrated

Adam's Fashion - Frisco Senior Portraits

Adam’s fashion of choice for his senior sports portraits was a dark navy blue suit with a red and blue striped tie. He finished the look with black dress shoes. Later on in the Frisco Senior Portraits, he also wore jeans with his football jersey. 

We normally get 2 to 3 outfits per senior portrait session. Typically with our style, the main outfit is the suit. We then have time to do a second outfit that is more casual but still fashion-forward. The third outfit tends to be their jersey, letterman jacket or possibly the t-shirt of the college they are attending. 

Adam walking the field for his Frisco Memorial Senior Portraits

Beautiful Fields All Year Round - Frisco Senior Portraits

One of the delights about senior portraits in Dallas Texas is that they are definitely a sports town! That means beautiful fields and stadiums that look great year-round with artificial turf. 

We are often asked when is the best time of year to book your photos. Really the answer is any time! The offseason of your sport can provide a lot of advantages. It can give us more access to the field or court, and often the weather will be much better than the hot summer months. 

Letterman Jacket and Jersey - Frisco Memorial Senior Portraits

Letterman jackets and jerseys are popular for the guy’s second or third looks. A letterman jacket is an iconic reminder of your time in senior high school. It is deep in tradition and can add a fun school spirit element to your senior portraits. 

Don’t forget that you normally have to get permission from your coach to sign out your jersey for the day. 

Don't Forget the Referrals Sale!

Don’t forget that now through the end of February, any referral you send our way will earn you a $50 visa gift card. They need to mention you as the one that referred them either in the first email or phone call. The card will be sent out to you after the completion of their photoshoot. 

We are actively booking now for 2020 and 2021 seniors for all dates this year. So don’t forget to give us a call!

See more of Adam’s photos below.


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