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Senior outside linebacker for the Prosper Eagles sits for Fashion Sports Portraits - Prosper, TX


The Prosper football season might have wrapped up with their playoff loss, but we still have a ton of awesome photos to show you! Check out Derien’s Fashion Sports Portraits below.

senior pictures prosper tx football player in suit at prosper high practice field
Derien plays outside linebacker for the Prosper Eagles #2

Casual and sophisticated for Derien's Sports Portrait wardrobe.

As we do in all of our photoshoots, we do a mix of a dressier outfit and a casual outfit and some decide to also throw in some jersey images. For Derien, we had a dark blue suit with brown shoes, light colored shirt with a slight pinstripe and a light blue tie with just a hint of pink. For his casual outfit, we went with a relaxed pair of jeans and button-down blue shirt.

For guys, a store that I have been sending a lot of people to lately for outfits at affordable prices is Forever 21 and H&M. You can check both of those out at the Stonebriar mall (as I can see from the food court typing this).

prosper football senior photos of OLB in blue jeans and blue shirt at prosper high school
Derien's casual outfit - blue button down shirt with jeans.

Last season at the Eagles Stadium - Senior Pictures Prosper Tx

With the end of this season also brings the end of an era. The stadium at the Reynolds middle school will no longer be the home of the Prosper Eagles Varsity games. Prosper High School will open it’s brand-new stadium for the start of the 2019 season. It’s already going up pretty fast and will be a welcome addition to a program that is growing rapidly as it started in the 6A division.

There is something special about being the last class to be in something. Whether it’s a football stadium or something like the new acting auditorium that McKinney High just finished. You get to be the team that sends it off and is always remembered as the last class to have been there, leaving your mark, and legacy.

The Eagles certainly left their mark this season as they ended 9-3 and making it to the second round of the playoffs before getting beat by a tough Longview team. 

prosper senior pictures at reynolds middle school with Jeff Dietz Photography
Love this tight pinstripe on the blue tie, which gives it texture and dimension

A great senior season comes to an end - Senior Pictures Prosper Tx

I had the pleasure of attending both of Prosper’s playoff games this year, with the one at Reynold’s field and the second round at the beautiful Star in Frisco. Five dollar bottles of water aside, it was a great place to sit and watch a game. The Prosper fans did not disappoint, coming out in force to fill the entire home side of the field. 

In the end, Longview was too much for the Eagles to overcome. With a final score of 63-17, Longview is well on their way to making it to the finals, as they are already into the 4th round with another 50+ point victory. 

They have nothing to be ashamed of. For their first years competing in the bigger divisions, they have already shown that they are contenders and will only keep getting better. 

prosper senior at high school practice field for his senior photos posing by practice equipment
Random football training equipment worked out perfectly with the matching red and yellow colors

What do we have coming next?

We are definitely getting ready to start bookings for the Spring sports. So if you play baseball, soccer, or other winter or spring sports, now is your time to sign up! Our next posts will be some educational posts on helping people prepare for their photo shoots and also some fun posts from our trip to Italy.

I am also actively building our brand new website for our Fashion Bridal Portraits. We will be going full steam ahead with that in the next few weeks, so get ready!

Check out more of Derien’s photos below.

dallas senior portrait photographer from mckinney texas takes photos of prosper football player in a suit
prosper high school senior looking over the field in his jersey for senior pictures
#2 defense for prosper eagles in jersey senior pictures
senior pictures with football at field prosper texas

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