Senior Pictures in Downtown Dallas, TX




Senior Pictures in Downtown Dallas, TX

We are back with Riley for part two of his senior portraits from Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano Texas. This time we are going downtown to reverse our normal way of doing things, bringing his football uniform off the field. 

There was a special treat for this time around. Riley had his two sisters come along with him to share in the photo fun. If you missed the first post with Riley’s senior portraits, head over to check them out.

Riley Part 1 – Prestonwood Christian Senior Portraits

Riley, from Prestonwood Christian Academy, poses in Downtown Dallas with his two sisters for Senior Pictures

Downtown Dallas - Prestonwood Christian Academy

When I booked Riley’s first photo shoot with his parents, his mom had the idea that she wanted to do a second shoot through the streets of Dallas Texas. She had a great idea to do the opposite of what we normally do for that shoot. We normally have the kids bring a fashion outfit to the football field, and this time we were going to bring the football uniform to an urban downtown location off the field. 

I LOVE the idea. I am always looking to try and create something that people have not seen before. I have been wanting to get people to explore the idea that your photos don’t always have to be on the field itself. 

There are a lot of advantages to this which I will talk about in the next section.

The Urban environment of Downtown Dallas is a never ending resource of photo opportunities.

Senior Portraits in Downtown Dallas

If you ever been to downtown Dallas Texas, you know that it provides many different sections of the cities and styles. We wanted something for this location that had the look of skyscrapers in the background, that screams DALLAS, and that also gave us enough room to work safely. 

I pre-scouted the location and decided on this area right next to the Statler and the Bank of America building. 

It was closer to Christmas time so you can still see some of the Christmas lights in the photos above on the trees. There is just so much to do in a city that you really can never run out of ideas. 

These two shots above are really funny and went with two additional photos in their finished album. I love the interaction in the first one of all of the siblings walking down the street and having a good time. In the second one, we get this fun moment where Riley decides to shove his little sister which crated this playful moment. 

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One of Riley's sisters poses next to the skyscrapers in downtown Dallas Texas

Senior Pictures Become Family Portraits - Prestonwood Christian Academy

From the beginning, the second part of his senior portraits was intended to be not just the photos of Riley in downtown, but an opportunity for the family to be involved. I love this idea. Riley’s older sister was home from college and his younger sister also joined him.

What a great way for the parents to have memories of the kids all together at this age. In addition to the group photos, I also made sure to do individual photos of each of them. Above you see two photos of Remi, Riley’s older sister, having fun in the streets of Dallas with her clear taste in good fashion. 

Riley poses with the Dallas skyline in a jean jacket

Riley is Heading to Beautiful Hawaii!

So I recently saw that Riley has made his selection to where he will be continuing his football career. He has good taste as he will be heading to the beautiful island of Hawaii! I definitely think we need to take a trip there to photograph his next photoshoot! Riley was a wide-receiver for Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano Texas. Riley will continue as a 3-star recruit for the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors football team. The team had a solid record last year in the Mountain West conference, going 10-5 ending in a loss in the Championship game against Boise State. We know that Riley will be a great addition to the team and we wish him all the luck in his future.

Sibling Moments - Prestonwood Christian Academy

The top photo was one of my favorites from the entire photoshoot. I love the connection between the siblings as well as having the city environment in the background. The photo below that is of Riley’s younger sister in her individual photos. She also attends Prestonwood Christian Academy and likes to rock the Gucci belt (we really do need that sponsorship, wink wink)

Prestonwood Christian Academy Football in Downtown Dallas!

After the sibling photos it was time for Riley to put on the football uniform of Prestonwood Christian Academy one more time and create some epic senior portraits. Even the rain that started to fall couldn’t keep us from our plans. I knew I wanted to add this glass pyramid building into the photos as it is a spot in downtown Dallas that is well recognizable (it’s actually a food court area). I had Riley start as if he was on the line of scrimmage getting ready to run a route. On the count of three I had him take off to get this action shot in the streets of Dallas. I really like how it turned out and how I was able to catch him with both feet in the air as if he was flying.
Riley in his Prestonwood Christian Academy football uniform with the Dallas skyline and Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in the background

Senior Portraits at the Kirk Pedestrian Bridge - Dallas Texas

As the rain picked up, we decided to head off to the second location for the day. There is a landing area that is right next to the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge that has a great spot for us to catch the city skyline in the background.

The rain had stopped at this point, so I was able to bring our lighting back out to give the photos a lot more depth. 

The photos below that are of  the Bank of America building in Dallas. I thought it would be a fun background to photograph in this vertical shot.

An Epic Family Portrait to End the Day - Prestonwood Christian Academy

Even though it was getting cold as the sunset, the sisters were troopers when I decided I would love to have them both come back out of the car for this last photo together. I thought it would be a fun idea to mix the ladies in their fashion outfits with Riley in his football uniform. The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge never disappoints in the background of the photo. Below you can see more of the photos from the Prestonwood Christian Academy Senior Pictures of Riley and family. COMING UP Don’t forget to tell all of your friends to contact us for their booking and earn your special referral promotion of a $50 Visa gift card. Spots are already booking for this Spring and Summer so make sure to secure your spot!


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