RILEY 2020



Prestonwood Christian Academy - Plano, TX

Prestonwood Senior Portraits of Riley diving for football in suit christian academy plano tx

RILEY 2020



Prestonwood Christian Academy - Plano, TX

We are very excited to bring you part one of Riley’s Prestonwood Senior Portraits! Riley is a wide receiver for the Lions at Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano Texas. YES, this was a two-part photo shoot. The first part was photographed at the Lions stadium at the high school campus. The second part was photographed through the streets of downtown Dallas and became somewhat of a mini family shoot as well with his two sisters. 

Let’s dive in! NOTE!!! Read until the end for a special promo we will have through February. 

Prestonwood Senior Portraits of christian academy wide receiver football player in a suit
We join Riley on the field for his Prestonwood Senior Portraits!

On the Field with Riley - Prestonwood Senior Portraits

This was our first time at Prestonwood Christian Academy and it is a beautiful campus! The fields in Texas are a photographers dream, as they all have pristine artificial turf and great views. The large P design in the stands, which you will see later, also is a nice touch. 

I was excited that Riley was a wide receiver. We have photographed a lot of lineman and defensive players for our Fashion Sports Portraits, but it is always great working with an offensive player where we can add in action of catching and running with the ball. 

As you can see in the main photo, we definitely had fun with that in this shoot. 

Prestonwood Christian Academy Senior Portraits of Riley on the football field in a black suit and Gucci belt
Riley is sporting an all black suit with gold Gucci Belt accent

Gucci Style!

Riley’s outfit of choice for the Fashion Sports Portraits was this all-black suit. It looked great because although it was all black there are several different varieties in the textures that help it stand out. The satin finish of the lapel trims the jacket nicely. In addition, we have the slight sheen of the shirt that gives it a slightly different shade of black. The top and bottom are then separated by a leather black belt with Gucci belt buckle gold accent. 

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Prestonwood Senior Portraits Riley catching a pass in the endzone in a black suit
Our Fashion Sports Portraits are like stepping out of the pages of GQ or Sports Illustrated

Wide Receiver for the Prestonwood Christian Academy Lions

Riley was injured for a good part of this year’s season but still came back at the end to help his team make it to the playoffs before a heartbreaking defeat to Antonio Prep on a crushing last-second play. 

Riley will have a bright future at the next level as he goes on to play college sports. 

Prestonwood Senior Portraits of Riley diving for football in suit christian academy plano tx
This photo helped us be named one of the best senior portrait photographers in the country!

Already a Multi Award-Winning Photograph! - Prestonwood Senior Portraits

One of my favorite photographs from the entire year! This photo took several attempts to get it right (although we make it look easy right?). With the help of our lighting team, and his Mom tossing him some passes, we were able to pull off this amazing photograph. 

We don’t often enter for awards and features, but when we capture a senior portrait like this, we can’t help but get it out there. This photo has already been featured on Senior Portrait sites and instagrams as their photo of the day and was one of the photos we entered to be named one of the top 20 photographers in the country. (We should be hearing about that soon)

So do you want a little secret insight into this photograph? Of course you do!

I noticed the track and field bag that was on the outside of the endzone. It’s the type of bag that a high jumper would land in after their jump. Safety was, of course, a main priority. We definitely didn’t want to injure the star Wide Receiver for the Lions. 

So we had Riley stand on top of the mat and my lighting assistant briefly stood on the other side. Shooting at a low angle, we then had Riley take several jumps while tossing the ball in front of him to catch as if he was jumping into the end zone. A tricky photo for sure in both timing and lighting. After a few attempts, we got the shot where everything lined up perfectly. 

Prestonwood Christian senior portraits on the field with wide receiver in black suit
Prestonwood Senior Portraits at Lions Stadium Plano in Carrollton

Capturing the Elements at Lions Stadium - Prestonwood Christian Academy

I am excited to photography more of the students for their Prestonwood Senior Portraits. This place is beautiful. We only featured two parts of this sprawling campus so I am sure there is a lot more that we can do there. 

I noticed this big yellow P with surrounding seats in blue, the school colors, and knew that it would make a great backdrop for this shot. You can see the legacy of their 2017 State Championship in the background. 

Prestonwood Christian Academy Senior Pictures in plano with cross at sunset

The Cross - Prestonwood Christian Academy

His mom wanted us to feature this cross in some of his photos. I could see the cross when I drove in, which is how big it was. I didn’t know about the pond next to it until I got in closer. We got extra lucky with having an amazing sunset that day that gave this photo a nice warmth to it. 

Switching to his casual outfit of a black shirt, jeans, and black sneakers, this was a great way to end our shoot. It’s great to feature monuments like this from your campus. They are things that you remember about your school for years to come. 

Prestonwood Senior Portraits at Lions Stadium Plano in Carrollton Texas
Prestonwood Christian Senior Pictures in Plano with black suit and blue sky

About Prestonwood Christian Academy

If you were like me and didn’t know a lot about this school, here are a few fun tidbits. 

Prestonwood is a PreK-12 School located in Plano Texas. It has a student body of about 1600 students and was established in 1997. 

You may have also heard about their yearly Christmas pageant that rivals a national concert in production value and sells out basically every year (I tried to get tickets but it was sold out). 

Prestonwood christian academy senior portraits by lake at sunset
Casual prestonwood senior portraits in plano by lake in black jeans

BONUS TIME! - Prestonwood Senior Portraits

Thank you for reading this entire post! Now you get to learn about our bonus we are running through February. 

We want to spread the word all across Dallas Texas and beyond about what we do and how awesome our Senior Portrait Experience is. We all know you have friends who are seniors or families that have a junior that is soon to enter the 12th grade. 

We want to book all of them! If you know senior guys or athletes and you refer them to us for their Senior Portraits or Fashion Sports Portraits we are going to give you a $50 Visa gift card!*

There is NO LIMIT to how many people you can send our way. Yes, they have to book with us and complete their photoshoot for you to receive your $50 Visa gift card. You can come back to us to use that card, or you can spend it anywhere you like!

NOTE: In order to get credit for a referral, they have to mention your name as the person that referred them either in their initial contact form or the first phone call with us. 

Our session fee is only $250 for on-location photos and presentation of the photos right at your own home. 

We have 50 spots to fill for 2020 and we want to fill them all!

(* Gift card will be delivered after the completion of their photo shoot. Only 1 referral credit will be honored per booking.)

Prestonwood Christian Academy Senior Pictures of Riley on the football field in a black suit and Gucci belt
Prestonwood christian senior pictures in plano texas football field
prestonwood plano senior pictures of football player with suit
Plano football player prestonwood christian senior on the field


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