senior portrait tips:

5 things to remember for your senior pictures

senior portraits in dallas, tx


prosper senior choir member by grand piano in black suit prosper texas

senior portrait tips:

5 things to remember for your senior pictures

senior portraits in dallas, tx


5 things to remember for your senior pictures

With the senior portrait season getting ready to heat up (and the weather… it’s 100 degrees out there), it’s time to send you a list of 5 things to remember for your senior pictures! Not on the list, but the most important one is, don’t forget to give us a call so we can book your senior portraits! 

Take a gander below and check out some of these tips that you might not have known. Which one is your favorite tip? Let us know in the comment section at the end. 

1. location - what is the perfect place for your portraits?

Prosper Senior Pictures With Plane Flying Lessons
Cole was taking private flying lessons in McKinney so we photographed his entire senior session at the private airport.

There are so many factors that go into the right location for your senior portraits. Are you in athletics? Are you in the band or choir? Do you love the city skyline or a fun scenic park?

What it truly comes down to is what is your style. Where do you feel at home and the most comfortable?

Some of our senior athletes choose to do their entire senior portrait session right on the playing field. There is a ton of variety on any sports field that will allow us to capture a wide range of photos.

Some of our athletes decide to just mix a little bit of their sport into the photos without it being their entire session. They might bring their bat or ball into downtown Dallas for instance.

Our non-athletes also have a ton of options. We just photographed the choir student you see in the main photo of this post in the school’s performing arts auditorium. He is a 2023 senior that attends Prosper High School. We do many photoshoots in downtown Dallas which give a never-ending amount of ideas. We have also gone to parks and the botanical gardens, local businesses, school campuses, or even right at your home.

If the locations are close enough together, you might be able to squeeze in two locations into your session time or you might feel less rushed if we break it into a 2-day photoshoot.

We are here to discuss all of these options with you in your pre-session planning meeting.

see all of the many schools we have photographed 

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2. wardrobe - what to wear! don't worry you can have as many outfits as you want

Fort Worth Senior portraits in pacific plaza downtown dallas senior boys basketball
Courtland's 3-piece suit is looking sharp in downtown Dallas, TX

Students are already ahead of the game by knowing their personal styles. We find that a lot of our seniors already own some great options for their senior portraits. Just like with your location, it’s important that the outfits that you select represent your style and what you are most comfortable with.

Typically, most seniors use two or three outfits for their senior portraits. We have become known across the country for our suit look so many seniors do select that as their first and main outfit. Sometimes that is a full 3-piece suit, sometimes just the jacket and tie, without a tie, or sometimes even just a sports jacket look.

The second outfit tends to be a fashionable outfit that is a bit more casual. Examples could be a button-down shirt with nice jeans, a sports jacket, a layered look like a sweater, or an unbuttoned casual suit.

The third outfit is what we like to call the “wild card”. Many of the athletes will use this to wear their jersey with jeans or maybe their letterman jacket. You could also include a college t-shirt if you know where you will be attending. You could also use this outfit to showcase a hobby or special interest.

Of course, there are no set rules. We are here to help you in your planning session to pick the right outfits for you.

Here is a link to our style guide to help you with some inspiration

SIDE TIP: Don’t forget to leave time to get your suit tailored!

3. selecting the photographer right for you - that's us right?

Grapevine High School Senior Portraits Dallas Senior Photographer Senior At Library
Parker, a senior at Grapevine High loves to read. So we photographed him at the local library in Colleyville Texas

Probably the most important thing on our list of 5 things to remember for your senior pictures, is making sure you select the photographer that is right for you.

With lots of styles out there, it’s important that you select the photographer that best matches what you like.

Here at Jeff Dietz Photography, we specialize in photographing senior pictures for boys and athletes. We developed this several years ago because we saw that the market was flooded with photographers showcasing the senior ladies. We wanted the guys to have that same amazing experience.

Our style is modern, editorial, cinematic, and fashion-oriented. We often describe it as if GQ met Sports Illustrated and had a baby. We believe in getting it right in camera and natural-looking images that are not photoshop effect driven.

Is this the style you are looking for to capture your son? Then you should contact us today to get started!

4. bring the energy - show some swagger

Prosper Football Senior Photos Childrens Health Stadium 003
Houston a wide receiver for the Prosper Eagles. Photographed at the Children's Health Staidum

One of the hardest parts of having your photo taken is to relax, be natural, and bring a bit of swagger to your shoot. Professional models work on this for years and we are going to help you get there in an afternoon. What are the key tips on how to do this?

  • Don't be afraid about looking silly or the photo not working out

    That is what I am there for so don't worry! I am not going to make your son look silly and if the photo doesn't work out, I will be deleting it before you ever see it. My standard is higher than anyone's.

  • Channel your inner Cam Newton

    Any time I try to describe swagger to someone, I tell them to think "Cam Newton". Seriously. Google the guy right now. He always brings the swagger to his photos.

  • Embrace trying something new

    This is certainly a new experience for you to be photographed in this style. Lucky for you, this style is all about being natural! Embrace this new experience and give it your all.

  • The more energy you put in, the cooler they look

    This is absolutely true. We see it in every photoshoot. The more energy you put out and just be relaxed and go for it and have fun, the better the photos turn out.

  • Confidence is key

    Whatever your personal style is, own it! Fully embrace it and use this as an opportunity to really let it shine.

  • A little bit of acting never hurts

    Are you naturally shy and this is out of your comfort zone? Pretend you are your favorite actor being photographed for Vanity Fair magazine. How would it feel to pretend to be them for the day?

5. don't forget the artwork - your photos aren't complete until they are printed and showcased in your home.

Whether it’s in a world-class leather album or hanging on the walls of your home, there is nothing like printed artwork to show off your awesome senior portraits.

We are a print-first studio and believe that your images need to be printed with the best quality possible.

We spare no expense to bring you the absolute best quality you can find in albums, framed wall art, matted prints, grad cards, and more.

But don’t worry, we have your social media needs covered as well. With every print, you purchase you will also receive a matching web-sized file that you can use for all of your sharing needs.

So don’t forget to think about how and where in your home you would love to showcase your finished artwork.

thank you

Well that wraps up our 5 things to remember for your senior pictures. I hope you enjoyed the information. If you are ready to start talking about booking your own senior portraits, please fill out the form below for your free consultation.




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