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10 Reasons May is Best for Senior Pictures in Mckinney, TX

Parents: If you have ever wondered when is the best time for Senior Pictures, THIS is your post

Today we are going to end the mystery for all of the parents out there that always ask, when is the best time for Senior Pictures in McKinney. Now I have your answers. Follow along below and let us know in the comments which is your favorite reason. Of course, this doesn’t apply just to McKinney. We are also the premier senior photographer for Frisco, Prosper, Allen, and Dallas as well.

Let’s jump right into our list! (in no particular order)

HINT!: There is a surprise for you if you get to the end of the list.

Senior Pictures in McKinney Tx with girl in field at Nesbitt Park Summer dress for may
Ashyln having fun at her Senior Pictures in McKinney at Gabe Nesbitt Park on a nice day in May

#1 - The Weather is Perfect for Senior Pictures in McKinney

As we know in Dallas Texas, as the summer months get closer, the heat gets hotter. It can reach a rather uncomfortable 105+ degrees on some days in the summer. So having your senior pictures in Mckinney photographed in May can help you prevent the hottest heat. 

Right now it’s a beautiful 70-85 degrees and is the perfect temperature to enjoy the sun without baking. Although we have had a lot of rain this past April, that rain is now on it’s way out bringing even nicer weather. 

If you are someone that doesn’t like the cold, you are also avoiding the winter months. May is also warm enough that if you want something along the water (see further down on our list below), you can do so comfortably. One of my favorite parts about this time of year is that there are a ton of daylight hours! Typically photo shoots in May will start around 6 pm to get the best light of the day.

It really is a great time to get out there in pretty much any location. 

Sofie, a McKinney North Girls Volleyball player,, dives for the ball at the sand court for her senior sports portraits

#2 - High School Sports are Wrapping Up or Out of Season

Since a lot of the senior portraits in McKinney and beyond that we photograph involve high school sports, trying to get things scheduled during the school year can be difficult. Getting access to one of the fields in between all of the scheduled events can be a real challenge. Speaking of scheduling, the practice and game schedules can also present some logistical tackles. 

Having your Senior Sports Portraits taken in May can help ease some of these issues. I am not going to say that it makes it completely easy, but that is why we are here to help you. Besides teams that have made it into extended playoff games (like the Prosper Lacrosse team), most teams have completed their seasons by the time May rolls around. 

Elite private teams are also more likely to be on break, leaving more of the fields and stadiums available for us to host your photo shoot. 

Senior Pictures in McKinney of football receiver running across field in suit
Devin races across the football field as if he can't wait to be the first senior to book us for May

#3 - Beat the Rush - Book Your Senior Pictures in McKinney First!

The demand for what we offer at Jeff Dietz Photography is definitely growing as word about what we do spreads. This means that our calendar fills up quicker and it can get harder to get the date of your choice. 

By being ahead of others and booking your photo shoot in May, you have a better opportunity to secure the date you like. It will create piece of mind in knowing that you have one of our select spots for the year! We typically will only book one photo shoot per day so that everyone can enjoy the best sunlight.


Laura in a beautiful flower dress at Towne Lake in McKinney Texas

#4 - Have a Year Long Senior Portrait Experience

You are technically a senior as soon as the bell rings on your last class for the year. So with booking in May, which is typically the last month of the school year, you can start your senior year out with a celebration! From there you can plan multiple different photo shoots that might take place throughout your year-long experience. 

One of the things that I love about Dallas Texas is the deep traditions that people participate in. You have tons of school dances that can be featured or plan a photo shoot to celebrate each season. 


#5 - Plan an International Destination For Your Senior Pictures!

Yes! You read that correctly. Did you know that you don’t have to have your senior pictures in Mckinney? You can plan a trip anywhere in the world and we would be happy to travel and give you a dream photographic experience.

Have you ever wanted to travel to historic Italy? Maybe you like the romantic city of Paris France? How about the rolling greens of Ireland or the stunning beaches of Fiji? We have a list of over 15 different countries that we would love to travel to. What destination is on your list?

How on earth does that work you might ask? All you need to do is pay our standard photo session fee, a small added cost for our assistant and all of the travel and accommodations for me to get there. Everything else is the same prices for our artwork as if you had them taken in McKinney. Of course, one of your parents will need to come with you on your trip. Make it a fun trip with your mom, or bring the entire family. 

We will set up your ordering appointment for when we return to view and purchase your artwork. There is no extra cost for your friends to also have a photo shoot with you while we are there, so bring them along!

There is so much that you can do with this type of international trip. Invite some of your friends, do a family photo shoot with your parents and siblings, and of course  enjoy all of the site seeing and amazing food that comes with travel.

You can check out some of the photos from our trip to Italy here.

Allen football stadium senior portrait location

#6 - It's Before Football Practice Gets Into Full Swing

We photograph a ton of football players throughout Prosper, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and more. Football has a very demanding schedule for the students that starts sometime in mid-summer. After all, teams in Texas are always fighting for that next State and National championship.

So having your Sports Portraits taken prior to the start of football season in May is a perfect time of year. We can work with your coaches to get access to the fields as well as to borrow a jersey if needed for some of your photos. Some players choose to have this as their only senior portraits, or others will also schedule another session later in the year.

We are getting ready to start working with Prosper and Allen Football teams for their senior group photos as well as photos for the football game programs. This year that is also going to happen in May, so it’s a great time to do your full fashion sports portraits session with us as well.

With the most of the stadiums in the area having artificial turf, the lines are already painted on the field and ready to go.

McKinney has their beautiful new football stadium to photograph and Prosper will be opening their new stadium for this season.

Senior Pictures in Mckinney with dogs at arbor hills

#7 - Enjoy Your Summer - Check Senior Pictures Off Your To Do List

If you have your senior portraits photographed in May you have your entire summer free to sit back and relax. It will be one major item off of your to-do list, not just for the summer but with returning to school in the fall. You can be an early achiever and have this all ready to go.

Let’s face it, it’s also before you get those nice summer tan lines that we are sure you don’t want in your senior pictures. A lot of people in the McKinney area enjoy taking a lot of trips any time they have a break. This will free up your schedule by having them taken in May.

senior pictures in mckinney north high school football player in suit

#8 - 2019 Seniors Can Still Jump In!

Are you a procrastinator who hasn’t gotten around to having your portraits yet? Maybe you didn’t know that something like what we do was available and now you are excited to take part. Maybe you already had your senior pictures in McKinney finished, but now you would still like to feature your sport in our Sports portraits or just love our Fashion style for additional senior pictures.

All of this is still available no matter if you are a 2020 graduate or a 2019 graduate. You are all welcome and we can’t wait to help you create a photo shoot that you have always wanted.

As a 2019 graduate, it’s a great way to end your high school experience with memorializing your senior year in an awesome photo shoot. Parents, you can even make part of your session into a mini family session by inviting everyone to come along at the end of the portraits with no extra charge.

senior pictures in mckinney with girl in white dress at lewisville lake

#9 - The Water! - Take Your Seniors to the Pool, Lake, or Beach

When we say that we think outside the box, we am not kidding. There are a ton of ideas for not only swimmers and water athletes mixed with our fashion sports portraits, but really for anyone.

A lot of our inspiration comes from things that we see in movies, magazine editorials, and company ads. Water is often used with really awesome effects.

So maybe you are on the swim or dive team and you would love to mix our fashion idea into the pool? Maybe you just love hanging out at the beach or going to the lake. Even though we are not near the ocean, we still have a beach in Little Elm as well as beautiful Lake locations like Lewisville Lake , Grapevine Lake and White Rock Lake.

Not just by the water, but in May it’s warm enough to jump in and get something really unique! Dare we even say… Underwater?

senior pictures in mckinney of prom vanity fair portraits in sherri hill gowns

#10 - Add a Vanity Fair Prom Session to Your Senior Portraits

Prom is amazing in Texas. Even if you just celebrated your prom already for 2019, it’s still a great time of year as a 2019 or 2020 graduate to have your dream celebrity-style photo shoot like stepping out of the pages of Vanity Fair.

Each year, we look forward to seeing what famed photographer Mark Seliger is going to do with this year’s Vanity Fair Oscar photos. We get more excited about that then the Oscars themselves. Now you can have your own experience with the beautiful prom dress that you picked out.

This can be done outdoors or in our studio in McKinney Texas. We are so excited about doing more of these that we recently held a contest to give away a few Vanity Fair inspired photo shoots. Were you one of the lucky winners? They are being announced this week.

BONUS #11 - Because We Have an Amazing Deal For You - Book in May!

Book your senior pictures with us for the month of May and you can pick from one of the following special offers

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