Dallas Prom Photos - Sherri Hill - Sarah's Golden Dress

Stunning Dallas Prom photos from Sarah's photoshoot near Addison, TX

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Dallas prom photos in gold sherri hill gown from terry costa
Sarah models a beautiful golden prom dress from Sherri Hill with tons of tassels - Gown from Terry Costa

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure to photograph seven awesome teenagers for the Texas Teen Models Magazine for some Dallas prom photos. The stunning dresses from Sherri Hill & Faviana were provided by Terry Costa Dallas. Read more about the photoshoot below. 

We say goodbye to boring Dallas Prom photos

I remember when I went to the prom back in 1998 (yikes!). Boy, have things changed in fashion since then. These dresses are absolutely amazing. When you step into the showroom at Terry Costa, it’s like a photographers dream playground. I could have photographed them all. 

This photoshoot developed as a feature with the Texas Teen Models Magazine, and I know right away that I wanted to do some epic group photos (which you will see in an upcoming post) as well as individual and couples photos. 

Due to the size of the group, we decided to rent a large studio space at Camera Ready Studios in Dallas TX

dallas prom with date in Faviana dress
Dress by Faviana New York - Sarah took a few photos with her boyfriend

The Style inspiration for this shoot

I wanted to do something in the style and elegance of the Vanity fair portraits you often see of celebrities at the events like the Oscars. A little bit of a deconstructed set, hand painted canvas backdrops, and a Vanity Fair inspired lighting setup. 

The ladies did all of their own hair and makeup, which is something they often do for each other for these photo shoots. 

It’s fun to do a few photos by yourself, as well as mix in your Dallas prom date. Of course, as you know, we specialize in making the guys look just as awesome as the ladies. 

sherri hill gown dallas prom photos
Gold Sherri Hill two-piece fringe prom gown with a cap sleeve bodice and slit in the skirt

Look how fun this Sherri Hill gown is!

With all of the tassels on this dress, I know that we wanted to do a series with a lot of motion to highlight the movement in the dress. The added bonus is, the shaking around (basically doing the Twist), let Sarah let loose and have this natural laugh that we captured in the photo on the right. 

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Dallas prom photos by Mckinney photographer Sherri Hill and Faviana
Gold Sherri Hill two-piece fringe prom gown with a cap sleeve bodice and slit in the skirt
gold tassel prom dress terry costa photos
Sherri Hill gown from Terry Costa, photographed in our "box" setup, creating dramatic cinema like photographs

Ask us about how you can have your prom session fee waived when you also sign up for your senior portraits! 

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Dallas senior pictures Mckinney high school senior prom dress terry costa

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