Dallas Prom Pictures - The Friends Selections - Sherri Hill - Ellie Wilde

Sherri Hill & Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses and Fun with Friends - McKinney TX

dallas prom pictures of friends in sherri hill and ellie wilde mckinney photographer
Alex & Alex are good friends and wanted to do a few poses together. I though tthis would be a fun way to show off their beautiful Sherri Hill Gowns from Terry Costa in Dallas, TX

In our ongoing Dallas prom pictures series, today we are going to share some of the photos of friends posing together and having a lot of fun. Common prom photos normally involve you and your date smiling for the camera on prom day, but why not with your best friends together? Check out more photos and story below

Prom is about having fun with your friends, so enjoy your photos together as well!

As we already talked about before, your Dallas Prom pictures do not have to be like the traditional boring photos of years past. We are bringing a fashion flair to your photo experience. The photos we are featuring here were all photographed in studio. You might also want to go outside, which will open up a ton of possibilities in different looks and styles. We will be doing a photoshoot this week in Trinity Overlook Park with the Dallas skyline, as well as by the water at White Rock Lake.

“Loved working with Jeff Dietz! He has such attention to detail to make sure each picture is perfect! ”

sherri hill black gown from terry costa for dallas prom pictures
Paige is also modeling a gown from Sherri Hill. The long ball gown is so stylish in black.

“However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship.”

Albert Einstein

Before you know it you will be heading off to college. You might end up at the same school as your friend in Texas, or maybe different ones. What great keepsakes these will make for your college dorm and to share as you remain friends and grow together. 

Prom photos are something that becomes generational as well that you show to your kids someday.

friends pose for dallas prom pictures in sherri hill and ellie wilde black dresses
Avery (left) is wearing a black dress by Ellie Wilde and Paige (right) is wearing Sherri Hill
dallas prom pictures with dress by colors by mckinney photographer
Alex is wearing a black beaded gown from the prom dress company Colors

Dallas Prom Pictures don't have to only been taken on prom day!

In an upcoming blog post, I will be talking about some of the great reasons why you might wait until after Prom to have a day dedicated to prom photos with you and your friends. 

golden tassel dress sherri hill in dallas prom pictures
Two of my favorite dresses we photographed from Sherri Hill, modeled by Alex & Sarah

Enjoy a few more photos below. Keep coming back for more prom photos and articles. We will be listing some awesome places to think about doing your photos, some more dress ideas, talking about the benefits of doing your session before, day of, or after prom, as well as unveiling our new line of Prom specific artwork.

ellie wilde black prom gown from terry cost dallas texas
I loved the layers in this prom dress from Ellie Wilde by Mon Cheri which can be purchased at Terry Costa, Whatchamacallit, or Spellbound in Rockwall, TX


Gowns by the following Makers provided by Terry Costa of Dallas TX:
Ellie Wilde – elliewilde.com
Sherri Hill – www.sherrihill.com
Colors – www.colorsdress.com

Photographed for – Texas Teen Model Magazine

Check out more about Senior Portraits by checking out our portfolio page

beaded black dress by colors prom dress terry costa
Alex in her beaded dress from Colors, posing with a vintage chair and our deconstructed set style.
Sherri hill white and gold dresses friends dallas prom pictures
Alex (left) wears a pink and white lace trimmed gown and Alex (right) models a white gown with stunning gold outlines and cap sleeves

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